41 Years of Unending Love: ASSOS

Allahu Teala also had two holes in his nose, one of the Kaz Mountains and the other to the Alps.

Master actor Ali Sürmeli, who was a guest on Deniz Sarı’s YouTube channel, told about his life story in all four corners of Turkey, his experiences on the big screen and his love for Assos.

In his own words, Sürmeli, who is the son of a postman father who turns into a pigeon when he loves and a wolf when he gets angry, migrated to the west on the advice of his father, who was advised that “Civilization was born in the west, went to the west to develop, son, go too.”

Heaven on Earth, Galley Bay

“Assos is the westernmost part of the country. After my father’s advice, go west, son, I looked, this is the westernmost part of the country. I came to Assos Kadırga Bay. I slept when I first arrived. What a sleep, oh my god. Then I went into the sea. Then I slept again.” Surmeli, who put his admiration into words, is an Assos lover. Expressing his love for the big screen, the master actor said, “Cinema was a must when I was little. My father entrusted us to two of his friends and went to another city for business. He sent money every day. I was also dividing it in two, because without a cinema there is no way. I used to put the bread money under your bed and the movie money under my pillow. I’m running out of money for food, but I never spend it at the cinema. Thank God there were uncles.” said.

“I came to Assos for the first time 41 years ago.”

“My first visit was with Avni brother. When I came to the galley 41 years ago, I thought what a beautiful place it is. I did not understand whether it was the air, the water or the vegetation, I slept for 4 hours without interruption. I cannot explain the energy and happiness that sleep gives.”

Assos Aristotle Art Academy We also learned about the master actor’s desire to realize his dream of establishing an Aristotle Art Academy, inspired by Assos, which has an ancient city history. The master actor, who lost some of his friends with whom he dreamed of the academy, is now preparing to establish the Aristotle Art Academy on 12 acres.“We had a group of friends 12-13 years ago, Erkan brother, the late Tosun Brothers and stuff. We were there at the Mercan Hotel, so the Aristotle Art Academy would suit here. They said to us, “Isn’t it a shame, you’ve been here for years, an Aristotle, doesn’t an Academy suit you?” We gassed each other. We started the research, I bought the place where I currently live on six acres. 2-3 months later I went to the mayor of the time.Mayor, uncle zaza, there is no permission for six acres, there must be at least 10 acres. I bought 7 more acres from the next door but it cost a lot of money.Now we will build Aristotle on 12 acres.”

“I live here in luxury in a trailer.”

What was wealth? An abundance of scraps of paper in bank accounts? Or is it the sweet ego of the power to buy anything? The master actor explained the real wealth in the world to us very well.“Even if a person is the richest person in the world, I don’t know how many times he breathes in a minute or an hour that money can’t buy. There is precious oxygen in Assos. Even if you are the richest person in the world, they will go and live in the Alps. But our rich people think that wealth is paper money. You understand, I can take anything. Come on, get the cleanest oxygen. I live here in luxury. You see my trailer behind me. This is the greatest wealth.”