A Sophisticated Project, Saff KAZDAGLARI

A life project with privileged social facilities at the peak of the Ida Mountains, Saff KAZDAĞLARI. A piece of paradise with its vast cultures and rich ecosystems. A unique project is being realized with the philosophy of the noble Ida Mountains from thousands of years ago.

Saff KAZDAĞLARI in its Saff Form

Built on an area of 60,000 square meters, 650 meters above sea level, adjacent to the forest in the Ida Mountains, Saff KAZDAĞLARI was shaped with 90 wooden houses in harmony with nature among pine and oak trees, guesthouses and Glamping designs in the hotel concept for the guests of the Saff KAZDAĞLARI settlers of the area. Agriculture and agriculture workshops, art workshops, sports activities, yoga and meditation areas were designed for the residents of Saff KAZDAĞLARI. 

Special Social Activities at Saff KAZDAĞLARI

The project, which puts cultural activities that nourish the human spirit at the forefront, includes an Activity Square, Rhythm and Music Studio, Art Studio, Yoga and Breathwork Studio, Forest Excursion Center and Forest Resting Points, and Glamping Information Center. There is a Village Products Center, Village Market and Village Grocery Store for fresh flavors from the villages established at the foot of Mount Ida. The co-production areas specially prepared for the residents are; Endemic Plants Center, Olive Workshop, Ancestral Seeds Storage, Orchard, Fruit Trees Garden. Cafes, Ecological and Vegan Restaurants, Wine Tasting Center will be opened in Saff KAZDAĞLARI, offering the rich culinary flavors of the region. XEV Yoyo Electric Vehicles, one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to Mini Electric Vehicles in the world, Bicycle Repair Point, Gathering Areas, Children’s Playgrounds, Pet Social Area for our little friends, Parking Lot, Common Technical Areas and Service Units and Outdoor Sports Areas will be put into service for the new residents of Saff KAZDAĞLARI.