Alternative to Housing: PLOT

In this week’s episode of Those Who Leave a Mark program, arsaVev Chairman of the Board Bülent Öztürk, ilanVev Brand Consultant Selen Arıkan, Ferman Toprak and Professor Doctor Hakan Akın were the guests.

We listened to the location choices of land investors, the changing graph of land value under market conditions, and the comparison of housing investment and land investment from the Chairman of the Board of ArsaVev, Bülent Öztürk. 

Important Criteria in Location Selection

Sharing information about the changing profiles of land buyers, Öztürk emphasized that these profiles are important options that determine the location. Öztürk, “The type of investor determines the location selection. People who dream of a life intertwined with nature prefer the northern Aegean and the Mediterranean. “The preferences of those who buy land for investment purposes only are the peripheries of big cities, Sakarya, Izmir and its surroundings, Edirne, Manisa and Beypazarı, a district of Ankara.” said. Stating that there are demands for land in every region of Turkey, Öztürk emphasized that it is never too late to buy land. Öztürk, “I have a word for this situation. Yesterday was too late to buy land, today is too early. Because land is always a profitable investment. The biggest reason for this is the constantly increasing population in Turkey.” said.

What Should We Look For When Buying Land?

Giving important advice to land investors, Öztürk underlined that the land should be purchased by consulting corporate companies or state authorities that are engaged in this business. Öztürk, “The land has a structure based on technique. “It is very important to get answers to questions such as whether it is land or field, whether a building can be built on it, whether it has a cadastral road, whether it has infrastructure and whether there is any mortgage problem on the title deed, and to make a purchase within this framework.” said.

Profitable Investment

Öztürk underlined that land value has a structure that increases in value day by day, independent of market conditions, and that a zoned land has been valued between 5 and 10 times in the last 2 years compared to other investment instruments. Stating that new players have joined the land investors, Öztürk, “In the 1990s and 2000s, business people, especially those who were engaged in industry, knew the importance of land and evaluated their investments in this field. However, today, after the pandemic and when access to housing has become impossible, new land investors have emerged. White collar workers.” said.

Alternative Building to Housing

Stating that they also sell land in exchange for flats, Öztürk underlined that they helped people become homeowners at much more reasonable prices at a time when access to housing was a dream through contracted contractors. Öztürk, Even if you lose everything, you can build a new life on a piece of land. As our company, our biggest goal is to provide people with the house they dream of or land with tiny house options in the comfort of home. Because if you don’t have a car, you use public transportation, if you don’t have a summer house, you can spend your holiday with alternative options, but if you don’t have a house, you can’t live on the bench. “There is no alternative to home.” said.