Aphrodite will be so jealous of these beauties

The first beauty contest in history is held on the slopes of the Ida Mountains. The decision maker of this beauty contest, where goddesses compete fiercely, is Paris.

Some of our decisions push us to irreversible paths. But this one is different from the others. Let’s take a look at the history of the Olympos Beauty pageant, which dragged the nations into a 10-year war, before the second one.

Once upon a time, when the gods lived with humans, Zeus wanted to be with Thetis, the beautiful Water Goddess. However, the end of this business is dangerous, because the child to be born will be stronger than Zeus. For this reason, Zeus considers it appropriate to marry Thetis and a human king. While everyone is invited to the wedding, which will last for days, Eris, the goddess of Fight and Confusion, is not. Burned with vengeance, Eris finds a way to plunge the goddesses into a storm of chaos. He writes “To the Most Beautiful” on a golden apple and throws it to Olympos. The golden apple falling on the table where the goddesses are sitting, drags the goddesses who want to have it into turmoil. Zeus, who does not want to be among the women, chooses Priam’s son Paris to be the referee.

The fact that she will choose between three immortal goddesses for a mortal flatters Paris’ pride and makes her feel important and exalted.

Aphrodite becomes the winner from the goddesses who make offers to Paris of wealth, wisdom, sovereignty and love with the most beautiful woman in the world. The proprietary beautiful Aphrodite promises the sweet love of Helen of Sparta, the wife of the Greek King Menelaos. After this competition, t he Trojan War, which lasted for about 10 years and was described in Homer’s Iliad, began.

Here, the second beauty contest, which is the subject of epics, brought the sad end of thousands of people, where emperors died and states collapsed, was held on the slopes of Mount Ida on 20 August. İlayda Güvenç from Ankara won the first place in the Miss Troy Beauty contest organized by Bayramiç Municipality and watched by approximately 3 thousand people, while Nabia Jagne was awarded the second place and Bilge Gündüz from Çanakkale was awarded the third place.

In the competition choreographed by Joker Ajans Burak Özdemir, the beauties who appeared in dresses designed by Tuğba Ulusan and Gira received great applause, hosted by Tuğba Özay.

Who do you think will protect Güvenç, the registered beauty, from the storms that break inside Aphrodite, who sees the Golden Apple in someone else’s hands?