ArsaVev’den Kadın Sporculara Destek

Support for Female Athletes from ArsaVev

arsaVev, which has come of age in real estate sales and marketing and made a name for itself with projects with the sharing economy model, became the sponsor of Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi Women’s Football Team.

arsaVev, which will support the shorts and socks of Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi Women’s Football Team in the 2023-2024 season, acts with the mission of supporting positive equality.

Having adopted the mission of “Women and Girls First for a Better Future“, the brand arsaVev, which is happy to have common goals with the club, continues to support our female athletes.

Detailed information about the signing ceremony will be announced by the authorities. We congratulate the parties for this beautiful cooperation.

Happy V Deed

arsaVev, which sells and markets the projects developed by EKMAS Investment in the most valuable locations of Turkey, serves its customers with its innovative vision and mission that puts human value at the center, as well as its General Directorate in Istanbul, European Side, Anatolian Side, Ankara and Izmir Regional Directorates and 65 dealers in 14 provinces. gives.

Having interviewed more than 350 thousand customers with its experienced call center and sales team, arsaVev has made 12 thousand happy V title holders.

Why arsaVev

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the principle of working remotely came into our lives and our cities became crowded with immigration, and LandVev, which takes it as a task to reach the dreams of our people who dream of a detached life in the lap of nature, realizes the delivery of title deeds immediately.

Projects enriched with social facilities, which EKMAS Investment has brought to life with the concept of social land, have made the dreams of many people come true today, when it is considered as a dream to own a house with options suitable for every budget.