Başka Köy is being realized in Milas

Başka Köy, which will be realized as Turkey’s natural life village with good agriculture concept, will have numerous opportunities from large agricultural areas to orchards, from art workshops to cooperative formation.

Başka Köy, a natural living village with a good agriculture concept based on sustainability, has set out to be a nature-friendly alternative settlement located on 1 million 400 thousand square meters with living and agricultural areas between Milas and Bodrum. Because there are many different opportunities hidden in it, from large agricultural areas to orchards, from workshops that appeal to different tastes to golf courses and horse maneuvers. Drawing attention with its special architecture and designed as houses intertwined with nature, Başka Köy attracted the attention of investors.

Explaining the starting point of the project, Barış Soydan, Co-Founder and CEO of Başka Köy, said, “Although we started from the desire of today’s city people to return to nature, we aimed to be a part of a much bigger picture from the beginning with this living space we will establish. When we describe the project in one sentence, we say ‘we are building that life that everyone dreams of’. However, at its foundation; there is a structure built on a sustainable, environmentalist approach and good agricultural strategies.”

Explaining that Başka Köy will be built on two basic elements, Soydan said, “Başka Köy will be built on the foundations of natural habitat and good agriculture. With 450 thousand square meters of agricultural area and 21 thousand square meters of agricultural food business workshops, our residents will be able to grow every product they need. In addition to sowing and planting in their personal agricultural areas, they will also be able to participate in production in the orchards of Başka Köy if they wish. We have beautiful orchards. We have developed two models for investors who want to live in Başka Köy. The first is the living space, which was sold within a year and will house more than 200 households. The other will be Başka Köy Cooperative (Milas Tourism Development Cooperative), which we believe will contribute to the economy of the region.”

“Members of our cooperative will be able to earn income from all social areas in Başka Köy in addition to agricultural income,” Soydan said, adding, “We believe that we will be an important destination for local tourists and those living in the surrounding area with our social moments, golf practice course and horse maneuvers. Our cooperative members will be able to benefit from all our departments and workshops for 12 months of the year.”

For the 700 thousand square meters of living spaces, Soydan said, “Our living village in this section has an area of 8600 square meters. Our investors will be able to live in either farms or stone houses within the agricultural area. We completed the sale here in the first six months. We now have more than 200 distinguished neighbors. House construction has not started yet. While making our architectural plans, we took great care to preserve the balance of nature and the region. The construction belongs to the land owners, but we have strict rules about the exterior design of the buildings. In order to preserve the historical texture, we have examined the village houses of the old Milas architecture. In the interior design, each family will be able to make arrangements according to their own needs.”