Both Ecological and Economic Land Ekoezine

Would you like to own an ecologically and economically designed land in the land where blue and green dance?

Ekoezine, the latest project developed by EKMAS Investment, was developed within the boundaries of Çanakkale’s Ezine district, on a land area of ​​190,000 square meters. Ekoezine’s life philosophy, which supports sustainable life, is the philosophy of adopting a lifestyle that is compatible with nature and sensitive to the environment.

Ekoezine draws attention to the importance of being in harmony with nature. With its sustainable practices, it wants to increase the desire of everyone from seven to seventy, especially new residents, to leave a clean environment for future generations.

Ekoezine land project will be built mainly using sustainable materials. Ekoezine Philosophy of Life stands respectfully before the practice of recycling. Because we know that the spread of sustainability is an application that we owe to all humanity.

Ekoezine, which also emphasizes economic life in its philosophy, takes into account economic principles such as sustainability, justice, efficiency and stability while observing the economy of individuals and societies. It also aims to create a balanced and sustainable economy by promoting environmentally friendly and socially responsible economic activities.

Greenest Art

One of the most important touches awaiting new settlers in Ekoezine is undoubtedly the ecological art workshops, also known as Land Art. They are symbolic nature art spaces with an activist approach, dealing with the world, space and conceptual events.

In this type of art, artifacts created from ice, leaves, tree branches, flowers, herbs and various things, which are artistic pieces created by mother nature herself, are exhibited in the natural area. You can learn a new branch of art in the workshops designed in Ekoezine, accompanied by art consultants. In addition, you can enjoy your quality and comfortable time with your loved ones in the joint production and activity areas that reflect the unique historical and cultural values ​​of Çanakkale.