Bülent Öztürk was a guest on CNN Türk

As a guest on the CNN Turk program broadcast on October 10, ArsaVev Chairman Bülent Öztürk made special statements about land investment, which is the trend of recent years.

Stating that there have been great changes in our lives with the Covid-19 pandemic and that these changes are also reflected in investment instruments, arsaVev Chairman Bülent Öztürk made the following statements about land investment, which has gained great momentum.

“We have been observing a situation that has continuously gained momentum in land purchases since 2020. The most important reasons that trigger this situation are the coronavirus disaster and the essential earthquakes.

First, people who wanted to be in touch with nature and isolate themselves during the pandemic conditions turned to the land. During and after this period, our country experienced major earthquakes one after another. After the Elazığ, İzmir and February 6 earthquakes, there were significant increases in the demand for land.”

“Access to Housing is Becoming Difficult Every Day”

Öztürk stated that access to housing has become difficult due to migrations and the impact of the economic crisis sweeping the world, and pointed out that this situation will continue in the future, and therefore investors who cannot buy housing and dream of a natural life are turning to land.

 Popular Locations, Northern Aegean and Istanbul Borders

Emphasizing the changing profiles of land investors, Öztürk stated that different location preferences are seen within this framework. Öztürk, “The choice of people who want to be in touch with nature is North Aegean. Investors who want to build a house for their purpose prefer the outskirts of the city. Silivri, Lüleburgaz and Sapanca in Istanbul are examples of these locations.” said.

Emphasizing that there are different types of zoning of land and the necessity of purchasing the one suitable for the purpose, Öztürk underlined that there are big differences between field and land and that land is a technical job.