Buy land, buy a house for free

İz Bırakanlar, ArsaVev General Manager Cem Ergüven and Naswood Chairman Himmet Erbay, the master of wooden and wicker structures, were present at the EKMAS Investment Campus, where the Beyaz TV team was a guest. Drawing attention to the evolution and importance of the land in today’s conditions, Cem Ergüven shared important information.

We Return to Our EssenceArsaVev

General Manager Cem Ergüven said that there have been very important developments in the land sector since the beginning of the year and that non-residential real estate sales have reached nearly 1 million in the last 9 months. He stated that the fact that buying a house is almost impossible due to economic conditions is actually an opportunity to return to our roots.

“Buy a Land, Get a House Free”

“This reflects an interesting reality. An investor could not access a land on his own. Reaching home has become difficult. The land owner could not find such an investor. “It is an opportunity whose construction period, type of time and price are certain.”Stating that the interest is very high, Ergüven said that they see this point as a social responsibility. He also added that the high level of interest shows that land will be one of the most important investment tools in the future. Crisis in HousingHe emphasized that there are artificial price increases in housing, but the bubble effect in the sector will fade when foreign purchases stop. He said that thanks to social land innovation, investors can go on the journey from the land to the house very easily.

Popular Locations on the Land

Çanakkale is a very popular location. However, those who are obliged to live are looking for alternative living spaces in locations similar to their usual living spaces. These areas create the phenomenon of favorite locations that varies from person to person.”