Celal Şengör Settling in Assos

Turkish geologist Celal Şengör decided to move from Istanbul due to the expected Istanbul earthquake.

Şengör stated that he will settle in the Assos region of Çanakkale and said, “I am leaving Istanbul. An unprecedented disaster is pushing the doors of Istanbul.” Said.

In his conversation with Fatih Altaylı, Şengör stated that he wanted to remove his library from Istanbul as soon as possible and emphasized the two major dangers awaiting Istanbul.

Şengör said, “After the Gölcük and Adapazarı earthquakes, the rupture stopped in the Kocaeli Bay, but the rupture will continue. Based on the fault lines movements, we expect two earthquakes of 7.2 or an earthquake of 7.6-7.8 in case of breaking at once.” Said.

The Great Istanbul Earthquake Will Last 2 Minutes

Saying that if the faults break towards Tekirdağ at once, the earthquake will last for 2 minutes, Şengör explained the safe and dangerous districts of Istanbul.

“Ataşehir, Şişli, Ümraniye, Beyoğlu, Çekmeköy, Beykoz, Anadolu Hisarı and Bebek are safe, but I cannot guarantee Beşiktaş. Stay away from Florya, Zeytinburnu, Kemerburgaz, Küçükçekmece, Silivri, Büyükçekmece, Kadıköy, Fenerbahçe, Üsküdar, Bakırköy, Kartal region and beaches.”

Istanbul Airport Great Danger

“The fault line is very close to the Islands and 8 kilometers from Yeşilköy. For this reason, violence will increase to 9 in Yeşilköy and Tuzla. Istanbul Airport is in a very risky area. Great destruction is in the making.”

Avcılar, Drifting to the Sea

Noting that there is a layer of clay under Avcılar, Şengör emphasized that this region is one of the places most affected by the earthquake and that Avcılar is slipping towards the sea.

What will we do now

“Strong buildings need to be renovated. I don’t even think that the teams will have easy access to the damaged buildings after the earthquake. For this reason, fires, hunger and security problems will also occur.”

Wooden Buildings are Earthquake Resistant

Emphasizing that the mansions will not be damaged in the earthquake for the most part, Şengör said, “Mansions are generally made of wood. Wood is leading the earthquake resistant materials.” Said.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Eurasia Tunnel

Şengör stated that the Eurasia Tunnel is solid and that the bridges connecting the two sides will survive the earthquake without any damage.