Celebrities You Admire and Expert Advisors Only on Talkstar

Imagine being able to easily meet with celebrities and influencers you admire with just a few clicks, at your fingertips… Or to meet with experienced consultants who are experts in their fields and to hear the answers to all your questions from these people.

Dreams come true with the Talkstar App application, which was established by EKMAS Investment under the leadership of Barış Soydan. Talkstar offers a unique environment that brings together experts and popular celebrities. This App application, which facilitates the life of users who want to access experts in health, technology, sports, art, fashion, education and many other fields, has opened the door of a great innovation.

Want to specialize in a new hobby? Do you need help from a professional team in your research processes? Want to meet influencers who drive the masses?

Answering all your needs and dreams, Talkstar has been designed to make it easy and fun for users to get information directly from these experts or celebrities, rather than searching for resources, paying for books or seminars. Thanks to the interface offered by Talkstar, the App provides an interactive and private experience between users and educators through real-time video calls.

The application aims to make it easy for everyone to use by offering a simple and user-friendly interface. After signing up for the app, users can easily navigate between categories to find the experts or celebrities that best match their interests. In addition, the application, which has an interface for those who want to be educators, activates the accounts by verifying the identity of the people after the necessary documents and document instructions.

Talkstar, one of EKMAS Investments, aims to democratize access to information and enable everyone to directly connect with experts in their fields. This innovative application is designed to support information sharing and interaction between communities and started to serve as user friendly.