Champion Etilerspor

Etilerspor Club, which has made a name for itself with its success, became the champion in the 11th Group of the Istanbul 2nd Amateur League.

Etilerspor defeated Istanbul Gençlergücü 6-2 in the 2nd Amateur League and secured the championship one week before the final match.

Etilerspor players won 14 wins in 17 matches and increased their points to 43.

Expressing that he is proud of the star players, Etilerspor’s coach Erdal Dalgıç thanked all the teams in the 11th Group. Indicating that Polygon Fethiyespor left the group in the second place, Dalgıç emphasized that the 11th Group teams deserve a great applause and that all teams finished the season with a great performance. The diver congratulated all his competitors.

EKMAS Investment Support to the successful team

EKMAS Investment, which made a sponsorship agreement with this year’s 11th Group champion Etilerspor Club, continues its investments in real estate, land development, marketing, tourism, technology and media. EKMAS Investment, which has accomplished successful works with the strength it draws from its 35-year-old roots, supports our country to carry out works that will elevate its name in the international arena with the support it gives to sports and athletes.