Earthquake Safe Land Project Introduced

ArsaVev, which realizes the sale of various projects to make the investor a title deed owner, introduced the ‘Arsa Ankara’ project in Ankara’s Beypazarı district, which has a low earthquake risk.

ArsaVev, which makes the investor a title deed owner with accessible budgets, offers residential plots with solid ground, safe and accessible prices with the “Arsa Ankara” project realized in Ankara Beypazarı, one of the regions with the lowest earthquake risk in Turkey.

Opportunity to Own Title Deeds Even with Small Budgets

Offering affordable and sustainable investment products with the goal of “accessible title deeds”, ArsaVev has developed a great investment opportunity for small investors with the ‘Arsa Ankara’ project located in Ankara Beypazarı, a safe region away from earthquake hazards. Developed with the aim of ensuring that everyone has a safe second home in Turkey, which is an earthquake country, Arsa Ankara offers investors the opportunity to own a house on a solid ground and safe land on a land of 1,000 houses in Beypazarı. While you can own a title deed with a 60-month maturity and installments of 3,600 TL from the Arsa Ankara project, the lands gain value during the maturity period and the monthly installments decrease over time against inflation.

Master Plan Ready

Located within the official and approved master plan in Beypazari, Ankara, “Arsa Ankara” has a size of 180 thousand m2 and a total area of 1,000 residences. “Arsa Ankara” is not only an investment project, but also opens the doors to a secure future. Located within the official master plan of Beypazari district of Ankara province, the land is surrounded by a highway network, health, education and winter sports facilities, and commercial areas are also planned. Investors who own a title deed from the project can also receive support from EKMAS Construction during the construction process of their homes.

Öztürk; “We must prepare new living spaces with earthquake in mind.”

Ankara was designed to be equipped with children’s play and experience areas, multi-purpose sports fields, art workshops, social and entertainment areas. Stating that they aim to turn land investment into a rising value, Bülent Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ArsaVev, said in a statement about their new project, “We developed Arsa Ankara by considering the earthquake risk and then nature and health issues. In addition, our project was designed to be equipped with nature children’s play and experience areas, multi-purpose sports areas, art workshops, social and entertainment areas.”

Explaining that they started the preparations for this project about a year ago due to a possible earthquake in our country, Öztürk continued his words as follows:

“I wish God’s mercy to all the people who lost their lives in the earthquake, which is called the ‘Disaster of the Century’ and affected 11 provinces of our country, and I wish a speedy recovery to the wounded. May God never let this nation experience such pain again. Earthquake is unfortunately a reality of our country and it has negative economic and psychological effects on all of us. In addition to preparing for a possible earthquake by increasing the earthquake resistance of our buildings, we should also prepare new living spaces to continue our lives in a healthy, safe and comfortable way by considering the damage to the regions we live in. For this reason, we put the Arsa Ankara project on sale in Beypazarı, a district of the capital Ankara with its historical, natural and cultural beauties.”

Noting that they have already realized the sales of land projects that earn with accessible budgets for investors with Dikili, Avşa and Assos projects that they have already offered for sale, Öztürk added that as ArsaVev, they have closed an important gap in this field in Turkey.