Earthquake Warning from Moriwaki to Turkey

Pointing to the Marmara Sea for the next period in Turkey, Yoshinori Moriwaki warned of a major earthquake.

Earthquake Specialist and Senior Civil Engineer Yoshinori Moriwaki, the consultant of EKMAS Investment projects, stated that the northern branch of the active fault line in the region goes from the entrance of the Bosphorus, 20 kilometers to the south, to the Silivri side, and this fault line extends to Çanakkale. Stating that the northern branch of the North Anatolian Fault Line poses a great danger for Istanbul, Moriwaki emphasized that the possible damage can be reduced by 70 percent with a total awareness and recycling.

In the symposium on “Earthquake reality: the differences between Turkey and Japan” organized by a concrete company operating in the Burhaniye district of Balıkesir, Moriwaki touched on important points about Turkey’s bleeding wound and put forward solutions about it, and said that the important thing in this process is to act together. . Moriwaki said, “When doing urban transformation, it is necessary to start from the ground with soft ground. If the ground is hard, the building does not cause much damage, even if it is bad.” used the phrase.

Stating that before the big earthquake that affected 10 provinces, he said at the symposium he attended in Kahramanmaraş in December that the Eastern Anatolian Fault Line started to break and that it could affect this province as well, Moriwaki emphasized that the biggest test of Turkey was the earthquake.