EKMAS Group’s Impactful Projects

Having started broadcasting with the sponsorship of EKMAS Group, “İz Bırakanlar” program locked the audience on the screen with its first episode.

With the presentation of Gülşah Çınar and Olcay Kutluca, the program will host successful and expert guests who have left their mark in different sectors with their works, opinions and projects.

Bulent Öztürk, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of arsaVev, and Ertem Şener, were the first broadcast guests of the program.

Bülent Öztürk, who has made a name for himself with his achievements in the real estate sector, gave important information about the sector.

Huge Drops in Housing Supply

Emphasizing that the supply of housing has decreased significantly since the pandemic period, Bulent Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of arsaVev, stated that 750 thousand houses should be built every year due to the population increase and the decrease in the number of households in our country due to immigration. Öztürk said, “As of 2020, we have not been able to reach these numbers. Due to the disruptions in the supply chain and the fluctuation of the dollar exchange rate, significant decreases were recorded in housing construction. There are already great uncertainties and a great depression in this area with the inexorably increasing rental prices.” Said.

The Two Faces of Real Estate

Housing is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to real estate, but the trend of land is on the rise in this sector, which does not only consist of housing.

Öztürk, an expert in the real estate sector, shared important information on the causes and consequences of this rising trend.

Stating that one of the 2 real estate products sold in the real estate sector in the first 6 months of 2023 is land, Öztürk shared important details about the reasons why people prefer land.

“There are two different types of buyers, those who want to return to natural life due to the pandemic and those who see the purchase of land as a stepping stone for housing. Those who see the purchase of land as an opportunity for housing generally prefer locations close to big cities. Those who prefer the companies that make deferred sales in the purchase of land, such as arsaVev, proceed to the construction of the house after paying the land price. Thus, the way to become a home owner is opened easily.”

Safe Investment Against Earthquake

Saying that the number of people who want to be protected from the painful earthquakes experienced throughout history in Turkey, which is an earthquake country, has increased, Öztürk added that land sales gained momentum after the 6 February Gaziantep and Hatay earthquakes.

Investment and Lifetime Opportunities in Turkey’s Most Valuable Locations

arsaVev, the sales and marketing channel of EKMAS Investment projects, brings together the lands in Turkey’s most valuable locations with completed infrastructure and enriched with social areas.

Öztürk, who gave details about the projects that arsaVev offers to its customers, stated that they include social facilities suitable for the cultural characteristics of the regions where the projects are located.

Öztürk said, “We are selling land in many locations in Turkey. We have land projects by the sea. We also make social areas to contribute to regional development. We have a land project in a place like paradise in Assos. It consists of around 400 parcels on an area of ​​170 thousand square meters. In addition to our sea view projects, the land is included in our Dikili project.

In the Kaz Mountains, we have a project called Saff KAZDAĞLARI, which is the purest form of architecture, natural life and social areas, including a boutique hotel, in which we completely support the natural life and divide the parcels with the natural division type voronoi. In addition, we have projects in Beypazarı district, which is dazzling with its historical texture, where our capital has never experienced a devastating earthquake before, and in holiday resorts such as Ezine and Kuşadası, which are frequently mentioned with their historical features and natural beauties.”