Famous Faces Are Leaving Istanbul

Its first establishment was BC. Istanbul, an ancient city that has been the capital of nations and civilizations dating back 6,000 years, is now faced with waves of migration, unplanned urbanization, traffic and fear of earthquakes.

With its historical monuments, perfect location that unites the two continents, and the sea that stretches out like a necklace, the mega-city, the embodiment of the phrase ‘stone-ground gold’, which inspires poets, is home to travelers and adorns the dreams of millions, is being abandoned by famous figures.

The Apocalypse That Happens Every 250 Years

Experts emphasize the earthquake of 1509, known as ‘Kıyamet-i Suğra’ (Little Doomsday) in Ottoman history, and the great Marmara earthquake, which was predicted to happen in the future after the earthquakes that took place on May 22, 1766 and caused tsunamis. Civil Engineer, Master Architect and Earthquake Specialist Yoshinori Moriwaki, one of the consultants of EKMAS Group, stated in his latest statements that he expects an earthquake of up to 7.9 magnitude to last 2 minutes for Istanbul.

The 6th Most Populous City in the World

According to the data announced, the mega city Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and Europe and the 6th in the world in terms of population. As a matter of fact, the city, which feels the disadvantages brought by this crowded population, is also frequently mentioned with the traffic and housing cost.

With the effect of the pandemic and the earthquakes of February 6, immigration started from Istanbul, which is certain to experience a major earthquake in the future.

Great Migration Wave from Istanbul

Famous geologist Celal Şengör, who decided to move from Istanbul, announced that he took this decision with the fact of the earthquake. Stating that he will settle in Assos, Şengör emphasized that after the earthquake, big fires will start in the city, and that the rescue teams will not be able to enter the narrow streets, followed by hunger and epidemics.

Famous figures who prefer Turkey’s Aegean coasts to a large extent in addition to immigrations abroad are as follows: Zeynep Bastık, Hayko Cepkin, Halit Ergenç-Bergüzal Korel çifti, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Gizem Karaca, Tarkan, Aslım Onan, Burcu Kara, Tolgahan Sayışman-Almeda Abazi çifti, İpek Açar, Alper Kömürcü, Işın Karaca, Bülent Polat, Fatma Turgut, Ceylan Ertem, Bahadır Tatlıöz, Özgü Namal, Eren Bakıcı, Meltem Cumbul.