FCTU, Brings arsaVev Products to Investors

An agreement was signed between Izmir Real Estate Company FCTU (First Class Trust Union) and arsaVev. FCTU, which has made a name for itself with the motto of “Way To Earn In Real Estate” in the Aegean region, will bring together landVev products with valuable investors as the arsaVev sales office.

Expressing that they signed an important union of forces in the sector with the protocol signed last May, FCTU Chairman of the Board Gülçin Okay said that they offered a rich portfolio that includes the investments that earn while buying.

Stating that they have prepared special plots for investors in the valuable locations of Dikili, Assos, Kaz Mountains, Avşa Island and Ankara in cooperation with arsaVev, Okay said that the land was sold immediately after the title deed was delivered and all official procedures were completed.

Stating that the new address of the profitable investment is arsaVev, the managers of arsaVev, acting with the motto of “Happy Customers”, stated that all their priorities are the comfort and happiness of the investors.

Both Investment and Lifetime Opportunities

ArsaVev Turkey Dealer Coordinator Haluk Çetin also made a detailed presentation to FCTU consultants and managers about plotVev works and projects.

Noting that arsaVev aims to reach a widespread dealership network all over Turkey in a short time, Haluk Çetin said, “As of 2017, even with small budgets, ArsaVev has been in Turkey’s most valuable locations, its infrastructure is ready, it has been designed with social areas, it has housing development and the title deed is delivered immediately. provides lucrative investment opportunities with lands. As landVev, we have given 11 thousand 700 title deeds to date and we have sold 4 million 680 thousand square meters of land, in other words, the size of 655 football fields,” he said.

Emphasizing that they have increased their target in İzmir and the Aegean together with FCTU, Çetin added that he believes that with this new cooperation, the numbers will grow exponentially.

Opportunities in the Most Popular Locations in Arsavev

arsaVev, which has a place in the sector with Arsa Ankara, Arsa Dikili, Arsa Avşa, Arsa Ankara, Arsa Kuşadası and Saff KAZDAGLARI projects, continues its project sales with the advantages of customer satisfaction and immediate title deed delivery.