Fox TV’s Guest A Fire Safety Systems

Fire Specialist Burak Sırma from the A Fire Safety Systems team, who was the guest of the Alarm Clock Weekend program on Saturday, July 8, made striking statements about bioversal products that can extinguish fires without harming the nature.

A Fire Safety Systems, which is the largest fire systems manufacturer in Turkey with its effective factory volume and experienced personnel, also produces bioversal fire tubes and fire solutions with natural content. Reinforcing its innovative and visionary perspective with sustainable practices, the brand represents our country in the international arena in this regard.

Entrance to Forests Banned by Ministry of Interior Circular

Fire Specialist Burak Sırma, who was a guest on Fox TV, gave advice on preventing forest fires, especially in summer. Sırma, “Make sure the campfires are completely extinguished. Otherwise, you can cause big forest fires. Do not break the glass bottles of soft drinks and similar products and throw them in the trash cans.” Said.


The Brand Producing Bioversal Products Protecting the Nature

Stating that they produce herbal fire extinguishers that reduce the evaporation of water, Sırma, “We produce these products, which are also called bioversal ingredients, from 100% natural and herbal materials. We produce products that reduce the evaporation of water carried in firefighting helicopters and, therefore, the evaporation of water, which is a major factor in the inability to adequately respond to the fire.” Said.

A Fire Safety Systems, which produces bioversal products that protect the ecosystems around the fire scene without harming the environment, continues to produce products with environmentally friendly content that are in great demand and develop its products with its expert R&D team.