From America to Assos

“Historical artifacts that bring you back to the past, magnificent nature, and plenty of oxygen-rich air that makes you dizzy in a deep breath… Assos cannot be described with words.”

We listened to Arsa Assos, which she bought from Hülya, who lives in America, as my best inheritance for my children. Assos, where famous figures from Istanbul also collect and move, attracts the attention of local and foreign travelers with its perfect location, stunning nature and rich historical past.

It would not be too much to say if we say that the Arsa Assos project, which also attracts the attention of Turks living in America, is known as the place where angels live on the land of their homeland. Stating that her relatives and friends also showed interest, Hülya added that she preferred Assos for her children to go and stay.

“The Place I Would Like To Stay In Summer Winter”

Telling the story of her first meeting with Assos, which she described as the place I fell in love with after Marmaris, Hülya, “When I was living in Turkey, I was engaged in the sailing business. I came to Assos because I am also a seafarer. The moment I took my first step into this corner of paradise, I was enchanted. I still remember my visit to behramkale in Assos, which is home to magnificent views. Assos is a place where I would like to stay in summer and winter.” said.

“Emphasizing that she prefers LandVev, which sells and markets EKMAS Investment projects with its experienced team, for its suitability for every budget, installment options and immediate title deed delivery, Hülya Hanım said that her family members have also started negotiations for the Ezine project.

Land Avşa enriched with social facilities

Promising a living space to the settlers with its social land concept, the land is in Avşa.

Children’s Playground, Meydan Cafe, Sports Activities Area (Yoga, Basketball, Football), Open Air Cinema and Giant Fire Square are located.