From Canada to Kaz Mountains

The dream of a green piece of land in a world dominated by darkness has become a trend of recent times.

The migration caravan from city to village, consisting of those who want to leave the flashy world, hustle and ambition of big cities behind, is growing like an avalanche day by day.

The couple Özgür and Esved Sapmaz are among those who joined the caravan of those migrating from the city to the village. The Sapmaz couple, who are guests on Deniz Sarı’s YouTube channel, are a unique example of having established a sustainable life in the Kaz Mountains.

This leading couple lives in a 2-storey stone house on a 10-acre ecotourism zoned land and they even produce electrical energy themselves.

The couple, who shared their life story from Canada to South America to the Kaz Mountains, shared with the audience the curious things about their sustainable farm called Inziva “Reclusion”.

“I lived in Vancouver, Canada, for about 10 years. After meeting my wife from this city, we moved to South America. We worked here on a volunteer basis on local farms for 8 months. This experience taught us a lot about soil. My education is in electrical engineering, but soil is everything to me.” Emphasizing that they have established a system that works with a unique dedication, Özgür Sapmaz said.

He received training on permaculture in Canada. Stating that they produce with the philosophy of polyculture rather than monoculture in agriculture, Sapmaz states that they have established a system that includes teachings that have been researched and tested in various worlds.

This Place Is Called ReclusionAfter our couple moved to Antalya, they frequently visited the Kaz Mountains for ecology festivals. The Sapmaz couple, who admired this geography during these trips, packed their suitcases and joined the caravan of immigrants. The name of the farm established by our couple, who worked on the top and bottom of the soil for 7 years, is Reclusion. Our couple, who said that they gave this name because the visitors said “It’s a nice place to relax here”, stated that they did not stay away from social life. “We Lived in a Tent for 3 Months”The Sapmaz couple, who said they stayed in a tent for 3 months before owning a plot of land, are celebrating their 7th anniversary of patrolling this year. A Sustainable Life is PossibleHaving built a self-sufficient farm, the Sapmazs even produce electrical energy themselves. The couple, who produce on the farm with solar panels and live in all four seasons, even have a second job with a remote working system. “Do not postpone migration to rural areas”The Sapmazlar couple were very happy to live in the Kaz Mountains, and after their arrival, their relatives and friends also came. The couple has vital advice for those who dream of living in the countryside.“Before coming, they need to see if they can adapt to the geographical and cultural characteristics of the region by renting a place or making short visits.We established a farm on a 10-decare land, but we think 3-5 decares would be sufficient. Because as we get older, it becomes difficult to keep up with the speed of the soil.”