Invincible Armada Joined Forces With EKMAS Group

Galatasaray, the pioneer of Turkish sports, joined forces with EKMAS Group, which provides employment in 15 different sectors in our country. EKMAS Group, one of the important supporters of Turkish sports, assumed the name and jersey sponsorship of Galatasaray Men’s Basketball Team.

Galatasaray Sports Club President Dursun Aydın Özbek, Galatasaray Sportif A.Ş. The press introductory meeting attended by Deputy Chairman Erden Timur, EKMAS Group Honorary President Rafet Ekmekçioğlu and EKMAS Group Chairman Özgür Ekmekçioğlu was held at Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex RAMS Park.

EKMAS Group Honorary President Rafet Ekmekçioğlu, “As EKMAS Group, I am proud on behalf of myself and my company to be together with Galatasaray, the proud club of our country in the sports community in the international arena. Our company has been continuing its work in the field of sports activities for a long time. This work generally starts with amateur clubs, and in the following processes, we carry out social responsibility projects in Altay, Menemenspor, Bergama Sports and other cultural activities. As EKMAS Group, I would like to thank you for the support we will give to Galatasaray this season. “Good luck to all of us.” he said.

EKMAS Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, “Manchester United victory was a joyful and exciting match for us. I would like to thank the entire team, the management, and especially our president, for contributing to our country’s score with such a proud score. These are very valuable things that make us proud. I know very well the value of taking part in this project, which is called sponsorship but is a collaboration of business and heart. I am proud to cooperate with Galatasaray Sports Club, which represents our country in Europe and the international arena. I would like to thank Mr. Erden during this sponsorship process. We have a special friendship with him. I hope that this process will not only continue today, that we want to continue this cooperation in the long term, and that it will be accompanied by social responsibility projects not only in basketball but also in all sports. We are very excited. It was a good commercial. I would also like to thank Mr. İbrahim. It was a good introduction. “I thank you for being here with us.” he said.

Galatasaray Sportif A.Ş. Deputy Chairman Erden Timur, “Dear press members. When support for EKMAS basketball comes to the agenda, it is really valuable for our Galatasaray that they put this issue on their agenda and provide such support. EKMAS is a large group with very important activities at home and abroad. I actually know because we have had commercial relations in the past. A very good team was formed in basketball this year. Coach, we will have a successful season with our team, just like two years ago. We want it to continue this momentum. “We would like to thank EKMAS Group, Mr. Özgür, Mr. Rafet and the entire EKMAS family for their unwavering support and their will to establish long-term cooperation.” he said.   “WE WILL ACHIEVE SIGNIFICANT SUCCESSES IN EUROPE AND TURKEY” President Dursun Aydın Özbek made the following speech at the press conference:“Dear members of the press, dear Galatasaray fans who are watching us. I greet you all with respect. Today, as Galatasaray Sports Club, we are together for the signing ceremony of the name and jersey sponsorship agreement we made with EKMAS Group for our Men’s Basketball Team. I would like to thank EKMAS Group, Mr. Özgür Ekmekçioğlu and Mr. Rafet Ekmekçioğlu for this agreement. We all know that it is necessary to maximize our sponsorship income for Galatasaray to achieve success in Europe today, as it did in the past. It is very important that we grow not only football but also amateur branches in the same way. I see today as an important step in this regard. Our Men’s Basketball Team, our Invincible Armada, has achieved significant success with the Nef brand in recent seasons. “I would like to thank the Nef brand and my brother Erden once again for their support to the club.” EKMAS Group is a brand that is no stranger to Turkish sports with the support it provides. Now, as Galatasaray Ekmas, we will work together to ensure continued success in Men’s Basketball. This year, we have built a good team by pushing the possibilities we have. I wholeheartedly believe that this team will achieve significant success both in Europe and in Turkey. I hope that our agreement will be beneficial for our Galatasaray, EKMAS Group and Turkish sports, and I offer my love and respect to all of you.” After the speeches, the question-answer part of the press conference began.