Iz Bırakanlar A Team

The R&D and Academy Unit from the A Fire Safety Systems factory and Sinan Engin was the guest of this week’s episode of Iz Bırakanlar.

In the program, important information was conveyed on AYG‘s reference points at the R&D point, social responsibility projects and bioversal products that add an environmentalist vision to fire extinguishing.

Hakan Oktay, one of the R&D team that sheds light on the reference points in product development, stated that they closely follow the developments in the world in determining the needs. Oktay, “Due to the increase in demand for electric cars, the explosions in ion batteries brought along the troublesome process. Our R&D studies on these fires, which are difficult to extinguish, continue.” said.

Hüseyin Bozok from the R&D team, who gave little tips on exciting new projects as AYG, stated that they are working on an early warning system in case of fire. Bozok, “We have serious studies on the system that informs the fire beforehand. The goal is to prevent fires before they start. While there is compensation for all accidents, there is no compensation for fire accidents and each accident can be prevented beforehand. In addition, to produce systems suitable for different fire types more effectively. This includes detailed R&D studies from producing a new product to developing an existing product. As the R&D team, our aim is to produce fire systems that will serve different areas.” said.

AYG Fights All Types of Fires

“The vast majority of forest fires are caused by cigarette butts.”

Burak Sırma draws attention to the fires caused by man and emphasizes the necessity of making fire extinguishers with environmentally friendly products at the same time.

Sırma, Bioversal products are of vegetable origin. It does not harm the environment. We used bioversal fire extinguishers in the great harbor fire that occurred in Iskenderun and in the fires of 2021, the starting point of which was Marmaris, and we had great success. Bioversal products also have great effects on electric and hybrid vehicle fires that are difficult to extinguish. It is necessary to expand the use of bioversal products on the basis of fire extinguishing systems, which are of great importance for the sustainable environment.” said.

“It is imperative that we be informed in the field of firefighting for the safety of the public”

Ali Er, the corporate communications director and the head of the academy unit, underlined that the biggest deficiency of the sector is training in the field of firefighting. Er, “The key point in fire extinguishing is the type of fire and the use of fire extinguishers according to this type. We cannot put out the fire unless we recognize it.” said.

Mentioning the social responsibility projects as AYG, Er underlined that raising awareness of the society on how to extinguish the fire in internal and external trainings is only possible with education. Er, “Education should start from the very basics. For this reason, we went to primary schools and provided training on disaster awareness, climate change and fire types and how to extinguish fires appropriate for these types.” said.

Little Firefighters

Announcing that they have started a mobilization called “Little Firefighters” within the scope of the social responsibility project, Er announced that they have developed simulation systems for the permanence of the trainings and that all trainings continue in practice.