İz Bırakanlar: Barış SOYDAN

Continuing its broadcast life at full speed on Beyaz TV screens, the program “Leaving Traces” hosted EKMAS Investment CEO Barış Soydan and Ece Vahapoğlu this week.

Gülşah Çınar and Doctor Ufuk Alatekin hosted the program in Bodrum’s favorite place, Galia, where EKMAS Investment CEO Barış Soydan shared important information about the sector and real estate projects.

I’ve been in the Real Estate Industry for 30 Years

Soydan, who has been developing projects in the real estate sector for 30 years and selling and marketing with his expert team, made striking statements about the situation of the sector in today’s Turkey.

Soydan said, “Shelter is one of the most basic human needs. For this reason, real estate is an industry that will never end. Especially due to the recent crisis, there has been a 60% decrease in the housing area. Dollar-indexed construction costs and negative values ​​in purchasing power caused this result. This is of course a temporary situation. Very precise expressions are used on the subject. But our society loves property and title deed. Families are being rebuilt. Our growing children want to go out to their own homes, our country’s population is increasing. So I mean this recession period is temporary. The housing sector will gain pace of development and maintain its stability in the coming periods.” Said.

Başka Köy: Life Is Very Different Here

Giving information about the Başka Köy, which was designed as an agricultural village on an area of ​​1400 square meters, 5 minutes from the airport, Soydan said that they are a team that designs and implements the firsts in Turkey. Soydan, “I read a chapter in a book on how to live long. First of all, we need to be excited and take responsibility. People who take responsibility get sick less and live longer. We got very excited and took responsibility while making Başka Köy. We created a project by planting trees, farming, and co-producing with the villagers in a way that respects nature. We established Başka Köy, where new residents can gain different experiences. Başka Köy is in Milas. Milas was an important city where trade and agriculture were carried out in ancient times. We want to make Milas, which is now overshadowed by Bodrum, a home.” Said.

Saved All Buyers as My Neighbor

“There is a completely different philosophy in Başka Köy. We will be members of a big family here in our common agricultural areas. Based on the acronym, which is of great importance in our culture and even in our language, “Don’t buy a house, buy a neighbor”, we sold it to people who would understand the philosophy and importance of Başka Köy and integrate it into their lives. I also recorded every person who bought it in my directory as “My Neighbor…”.

Field and Land are Very Different Things

Emphasizing the responsibility of the buyer, Soydan stated that the field and the land are two different things and that the buyers should learn the situation from the government offices with the necessary documents when purchasing land.

After the Alps in the World, Oxygen-rich Paradise: Kaz Mountains

Saff KAZDAGLARI, where 92 houses are built of fireproof and earthquake-resistant wood, is a luxury natural life project where wood and glass materials compatible with nature are used. Stating that this project is a first in Turkey, Soydan said, “More than 30 workshop areas, a wellness center, and stops where they can take a stroll through the forest have been designed. Saff KAZDAĞLARI is a project designed with expert consultants. Ayhan Sicimoğlu, Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma, Japanese Civil Engineer and Earthquake Expert Yoshinori Moriwaki, Academician Landscape Architecture Deniz Aslan and DS Architecture team, award-winning Turkish Architect Erhan Vural and Durul Minister, who produces works of art with recycled materials in nature. Said.