İz Bırakanlar: Ergüven ve Sütşurup

This week’s guests of the “Iz Leavers” program, which hosted expert guests and famous figures in their fields, were plotVev General Manager Cem Ergüven, Taş Plak’s owner and producer Cihan Sütşurup and Ender Saraç.

Making important statements about the rising trends, volatile market and speculations of real estate, arsaVev General Manager Cem Ergüven answered the curious ones. Ergüven said, “We see that there is a return to the land. There are many reasons for this situation. One of the most important reasons is that there is an increase in housing prices that we cannot understand.”

Emphasizing artificial increases, Ergüven, “I think it has to go back to normal. We do not know exactly why this artificiality arises. The increase in rents also triggered housing sales prices.” he said.

Caution When Buying Land

Emphasizing that there may be land sales in the sector as land, Ergüven touched upon the differences between land and land and the points to be considered while buying land. “The land is a raw piece of land and its future is uncertain. The land can be built on the land, it is the state that has gained that quality. After the parcels are determined, building functions are developed on them. In order to accommodate people in those functions, they are planned to be access roads, schools, mosques and green areas. When buying land, make sure that there is no land. It is very useful to question whether there is a zoning situation. If there is a zoning situation, what kind of structures are suitable to be built on it is an important issue. Cooperatives are unfortunately the bleeding wound of Turkey. Many under the counter companies involve our low-budget citizens in their fraudulent games.

All buyers should stay away from verbal promises.” said.

“Location Is Very Important When Buying Land”

Stating that the advantages or disadvantages of the location and the region are analyzed very well, the experienced manager Ergüven emphasized the importance of researching the roads on which the land is located, the possibilities of access to the region and the infrastructure elements. While questioning the zoning situation, Ergüven stated that the building can be done document is important but not sufficient, and focused on the determining factor of which buildings can be built on the land, namely the limitations imposed by law.

Talent scout

Cihan Sütşurup, the owner and producer of Taş Plak, who discovered the artists who once took the music industry by storm and prepared their albums, shared what was curious about the Unkapanı period in the program İz Bırakanlar.

Ahmet Kaya’s rise to fame from Sütşurup, who discovered valuable artists such as Ahmet Kaya, Selami Şahin, Fikret Kızılok, Grup Yorum, Mine Kuşan, Yıldız Tezcan and Esen Gül.

Speaking about his discovery of Ahmet Kaya, Sütşurup talked about the period when Kaya songs were banned and his experiences. “I liked it a lot when the demo of Ahmet Kaya’s first album came out. I remember listening to it for a month back then. However, the album was never sold after its release. Then we made his second album, Holding on to Pain, which was not sold either. But I believed him. My ear was fine. For a while, Ahmet Kaya’s albums were confiscated. Then I talked to my lawyer. After 1 month, we revoked the recall decision. When I informed the press that the ban was lifted, demands started to come from Anatolia.” said.