İz Bırakanlar: Rafet EKMEKÇİOĞLU ve Özgür ATAY

This week’s guest of iz Bırakanlar was Rafet Ekmekçioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of A Fire Safety Systems, Özgür Atay and Aşkım Kapışmak, who have experience in the field of fire systems.

The whole world has a common enemy. Fire…

It is a matter of total war when a spark ignited by a moment’s negligence destroys and becomes irreplaceable, from ants to every leaf, our forest areas that are our source of power with every breath we take, and the homes we live in with our loved ones.

We listened to life-saving information from Rafet Ekmekçioğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of A Fire Safety Systems Factory, which is Turkey’s number one exporter, in order to put our finger on this issue, to raise awareness at the point of fire, to protect our green Misakımillian borders and even to universalize this event.

A Candidate Brand to Become a Leader in the World’s Fire Sector: AYG

AYG is undoubtedly a Rafet Ekmekçioğlu brand. Ekmekçioğlu, who started with Yıldız Fire and turned over 40 years in the sector, was born in Bitlis in 1962. Having immigrated to İzmir in 1972, Ekmekçioğlu completed his primary and secondary education in İzmir and went to Ankara for university education.

“I met the fire industry in 1983. The first company we established was Yıldız Fire Suppression Systems. We have been in the industry for 40 years.”

“We Are Making an Industrial Revolution”

Drawing attention to Turkey’s location, Ekmekçioğlu, “As the industry, its standards and awareness continue to be formed. As a country, we are making an industrial revolution at this point. As AYG, we are at world standards both in export and R&D studies. We meet all the needs of Turkey with the equipment we produce.” said.

“We Have So Much To Lose Now”

Emphasizing that we have a lot to lose in construction fires as well as our forests, which are our lungs, Ekmekçioğlu also mentioned the increasing square meter prices in Turkey. “Our people’s awareness of fire has improved. There is so much to lose now. The price per square meter has increased. The buildings need to be protected very seriously.”

Rafet Ekmekçioğlu stated that they produce all equipment used in national defense and said, “We produce all equipment used in fire extinguishing. Currently, no foreign product enters Turkey.” said.

In the forest fire disaster that started in Manavgat district of Antalya on 28 July 2021 and cost 150 thousand hectares of forest area in 53 cities, 8 of our citizens and thousands of our animals, while our heroes were fighting the disaster on the field, Ekmekçioğlu stated that they sent reinforcement products without sleeping in the factory, and said that every individual in the fight against fire. stressed the need for training.

Turkey’s Most Important Problem: Qualified People

Indicating that Turkey should have an education system based on raising qualified people, in addition to working in integration with Europe through R&D studies and robotic studies that undertake the night workforce, Ekmekçioğlu, “The biggest problem right now is qualified people. We have a young population, but finding a self-trained staff is a big problem. Here I am addressing our President, Mr. Although the education in high schools is 4 days, 1 day should be on vocational education. We have to give the training in the factory. If we can solve this issue, we will overcome an important problem in the industry.” said.

“AYG Produces Fire Hoses Used by Forest Fire Department”

“A Fire is an integrated facility. I have 40 years of experience. Our 3 main factories are located in the region. We manufacture all types of equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire truck components, fire cabinets, fire hoses and components, fire extinguishers, hood fire suppression systems and foam generators.”

I start the day early. In the morning I go for a walk with my friends, then we swim. I exercise regularly every day. I make time for young people. I was top of the school in sports.

“Being a Forest Fire Volunteer Should Be a Collective Aim”

“Every fire starts with a small spark, with a weak smoke,” says Ekmekçioğlu and underlines that the main reason for the growth of fires is late intervention. Stating that the voluntary firefighting system is widespread in Europe and that it adds value to human life, Ekmekçioğlu stated that they have started to provide education in schools, especially primary schools, within this framework.

“550 Factories Burn Every Year in Turkey”

Saying that the Turkish industry experiences the bitter truth at least twice a day, Ekmekçioğlu, “550 factories are on fire every year. This is a serious number for developing countries. Fighting fire is like nothing. The first rule is to act quickly and notify the fire department. At the same time, for the first stage, there should be fire extinguishers nearby. The inclusion of an early fire detection system is also a vital requirement.” said.

Advice from Doyen to Young People

“Young people should receive a good education and follow technological developments closely. To understand the world, they must know at least 2 languages. Sports are very important for personal development, they should not only read but also acquire communication skills.

We should direct our youth to collective sports. Sharing perceptions should improve. It is imperative that they be in a team where they can win and lose together and have fun at the same time.”

“We Produce Ammo for the Green Homeland.”

Özgür Atay, who is experienced in his field, who has spent 20 years in the fire extinguishing industry, stated that as AYG, they provide training for adults starting from primary school students in the factory. “90% of forest fires are caused by humans. We must prevent this situation. Especially in the summer, our lungs are on fire. Everyone needs to be educated about it.”

Emphasizing that they are constantly producing ammunition to protect the green homeland, Atay underlined that as AYG, they produce all components of fire extinguishing systems, from high value-added R&D studies to production.