Land Bringing a New Breath to Real arsaVev is on Ekotürk

Bulent Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of arsaVev, the guest of Ekotürk’s main news, touched upon important points regarding land and housing investment in the real estate sector.

Marketing projects with the concept of “branded land”, which brings a breath of fresh air to the real estate sector, the brand arsaVev continues to dominate the sector with the advantages of zoning and immediate title deed delivery in Turkey’s favorite locations.

Öztürk, who has been a manager in the field of finance for 16 years, talked about his transition to the real estate sector. Öztürk said, “I worked as a manager in finance until 2000-2016. After this experience, we made a breakthrough with my team in the field of marketing called By Doping. With the decline in housing sales in 2019, we focused on small real estate products as a company. With 11 land projects, we made 11,700 people landlords. In 2022, we have made a good cooperation with EKMAS Investment partnership, which has 35 years of experience, as the arsaVev brand. We continue to work with EKMAS Investment in Assos, Dikili, Beypazarı, Kaz Mountains, Avşa and Kuşadası.”

Alternative Investment to Housing Investment

Stating that they produce alternatives especially for customers who encounter financial difficulties in purchasing housing, Öztürk conveyed that people are turning to rural areas due to the pandemic, earthquake and remote working in our lives both in the country and around the world in recent years. “We appeal to customers who have financial difficulties in making housing investments and accessing housing. Due to the pandemic and earthquakes, people started to need safe housing and awareness on this issue increased. People can become homeowners by buying a zoned land and building a house on it in the process.”

“The Disaster of the Century Has Pushed Us To The Safe Zone”

Expressing that the pandemic in 2020 and the 3 major earthquakes experienced in this process and the remote working life pushed people away from the city and into a more rural and detached life, Öztürk emphasized that the researches showed that the rural areas would be more valuable than the city centers.

Stating that the projects will continue in popular locations and that they are working with a strong team on this process, Öztürk gave information about the projects that are currently on sale. “Our customers have the privilege of owning 500 square meters of eco-zoned land with 10% precedent, in the natural life of Assos region, where there are olive trees and social areas in the garden, where the settlers can produce genuine olive oil in the olive workshop production center. We determined that there was a high demand for our Land Ankara project, especially after the disaster of the century. Owning a residential development project in the capital, which is surrounded by historical and natural beauties at every point, attracts the attention of our customers.”

Stating that they continue to sell land with the concept of a summer house by the sea with the Dikili and Avşa projects, Öztürk emphasized that various art spaces, social facilities and workshops are included in all projects and that these activities are the point they focus on.

“Our Most Special Project Saff KAZDAGLARI”

He stated that they have started the pre-sales of a very important project, which was afforested and designed by EKMAS Investment in an empty area of ​​60,000 square meters in Kaz Mountains, one of the most important locations in Europe in terms of oxygen content. Öztürk said, “We went back 20-30 years and analyzed the region with satellite images. This area was in an area with sparse trees. At the end of the project, we will make the region green with thousands of saplings and make it suitable for the spirit of Kaz Mountains. In addition, we have included the parcel separation process, which is inspired by nature and called the “Voronoi Technique” and is made by using the creative mathematics of nature in parcel partitioning. We have added a niche project to our portfolio, where the housing typology created with the philosophy of recycling is suitable for this ancient mountain and architectural and social areas are created with very valuable consultants.” Said.

A Safe Touch to arsaVev Projects

Bülent Öztürk, who said that the arsaVev projects were developed under the leadership of EKMAS Investment, under the consultancy of Civil Engineer and Earthquake Specialist Yoshinori Moriwaki, emphasized that they are working with great care to correct the painful experiences in the past and prevent them from happening again.