Leaving Traces: Moriwaki and Vural

Breaking the rating records, the program “Leaving Traces” continued at full speed this week. This week’s guests of the program, which hosted successful people in their fields, were Civil Engineer, Master Architect and Earthquake Expert Yoshinori Moriwaki, Award-Winning Architect Erhan Vural and Yılmaz Vural.

Yoshinori Moriwaki, who is the consultant of EKMAS Group projects, shared important information about building safety in Turkey. Moriwaki, “Unfortunately, building safety in Turkey cannot be compared with Japan. However, the recent constructions in Turkey are in much better condition than in the past. There is an important point to be noted here. Graduates of architecture and civil engineering can have direct signing authority. This is very wrong, it should be mandatory to do internships at construction sites for at least 2 years. There are mandatory exams in order to have the signing authority in the USA and Japan.” he said.

You Can Trust EKMAS Group Constructions

Successful Earthquake Specialist and Master Architect Moriwaki underlined the reliability and durability of EKMAS Group constructions. Moriwaki, who also carried out ground surveys for EKMAS projects, emphasized the importance of controlling the ground for building.

“I’ve been in Turkey for 32 years”

“I came to Turkey for the first time in 1991 for the 1000-room hotel project of the company I was working for at that time. I was very curious about this country surrounded by Europe, Asia, Russia and the Arabian Peninsula. When I came, I saw that the Japanese and the Turks are very similar to each other. For example, we do not enter the house with shoes. Like us, Turks are very sincere and loving people. In this country that I admire, 32 years have passed when I say 1 year, 2 years. My Japanese friends say about me, Yoshinori was born in Japan but will die in Turkey. Now I am getting ready to buy a cemetery in Turkey.”

“I Learned Turkish at the Construction Site”

Moriwaki stated that he learned Turkish from the painters, plaster masters and construction site chiefs working at the construction site in his first years.

“Atatürk is a World Leader”

Moriwaki, who carries the photograph of the great leader Atatürk on his phone and in his wallet,“When I first came to Turkey, I saw the posters of Atatürk everywhere. I was curious and researched. Then I read two of Atatürk’s books and was amazed. Ataturk is a world leader. If Atatürk were alive now, we would be living in a completely different world.” said.

Saff KAZDAGLARI architect Erhan Vural shared important information about the sophisticated project Saff. Vural, “The Kaz Mountains are a geography that will never end with telling. The lives of people who interact with this geography completely change. The region, also known as the Ida Mountains in mythology, is also known as the place where the gods meet with people and even where the gods were born.” said.

Stating that he has been spending time in Kaz Mountains 15 days a year for 15 years, Vural expressed that he is happy to realize a project in the region that he is a fan of. Vural, “When I first heard about such a project, it was a magical moment for me. The opportunity to develop the life and geography there is great. The fact that EKMAS Group acts with an understanding that protects the nature is an important point that distinguishes this project from other projects.” said.

Nature’s Creative Mathematics Voronoi

Saff KAZDAGLARI, whose plots were created with the creative mathematics of nature, is a unique project where natural life is preserved and wood and glass are used as natural materials in its construction. Vural, “The material is very important. For this reason, we preferred natural materials as part of the continuity of nature. We designed houses and social areas as semi-open spaces with covered tops. All of them are made of natural wood. When you combine wood and glass, you maximize the view there and you have a unique experience in the forest, but it is important to use the wood in a way that really preserves its own characteristics.” said.

Both Ecological and Economical Project Ezine

Introducing Ekoezine, one of the EKMAS Investment projects, Vural touched upon the project philosophy, location and social areas.

“The borders of Yaylacık village, about 20 minutes away from the center of Ezine.

in a project. It is in such a beautiful strategic location that you can reach the sea half an hour from the project area. You can easily reach Tabaklı beach and Bozcaada pier.

Bozcaada, the ancient cities surrounding it, Assos and Behram Castle, one of the important historical ruins, are one step away from you. If you have a passport, you even have the chance to easily pass to Lesbos.

Both its ecological and economic philosophy come from here, and its ecology is like this. Ekoezine project area is hilly. It starts with a slope and then spreads over a flat area. We developed a layout that completely references the slope lines there. There are approximately 400 plots of land, and we have designed very minimal houses with an average of 40-50 square meters in those plots, and we have developed a living plan where all of them will have their own gardens, their own common areas and social facilities.” said.