Luxury Natural Life Project of the Year Saff KAZDAGLARI

Saff KAZDAĞLARI won the Luxury Natural Life of the Year Award at the night when the Turkish Leader Brand Awards found their owners. Emre Kınay and Nefise Karatay hosted the gala held at Bomonti Hilton on May 29, 2023. At the special night attended by the leading names of the business and art world, the Luxury Natural Project of the Year Award was presented to Barış Soydan, our CEO of EKMAS Investment.

Luxury at its purest

EKMAS Investment CEO Barış Soydan gave a speech at the gala night where the Saff KAZDAĞLARI project, designed by expert consultants, experienced staff and award-winning architects, was awarded the Luxury Natural Life Project of the Year award by valuable juries. Stating that tonight is the night of those who do justice to their work, Soydan continued his words as follows.

“We have been in the real estate business for over 35 years. In each of our projects, we pay attention to implement practices within the framework of environmentally friendly, sustainable policies and carbon footprints. In Saff KAZDAĞLARI, which is a niche project for us, we paid attention to this sensitivity and worked with our team for this project for 9 months. We build Glampings by the famous architect Kengo Kuma, and we work with award-winning landscape and architectural teams. We prioritize human health and safety above all else, so we work with Civil Engineer and Earthquake Specialist Yoshinori Moriwaki. We will also start using solar energy for common areas and social facilities.”

Emphasizing the geographical features of the Kaz Mountains in his speech, Soydan stated that they are working with a large team on how they can integrate with the Ida Mountains. Soydan said, “We did not cut down a single tree. On the contrary, we will plant hundreds of trees in the project. We are going to adapt to nature. Thank you very much for making us worthy of this award. I am receiving this award on behalf of our 256 employees.”