Neighboring the Aegean Sea Ayvalık Gömeç Project Will Be With You Very Soon

Our new project, Ayvalık Gömeç, which is zoned for a tiny house, has a ready infrastructure and is equipped with rich social areas, will meet you very soon.

Following the completion of Assos and Beypazarı 1st and 2nd Stage projects with tiny house zoning upon intense interest, our new project is being implemented in Ayvalık Gömeç.

Would you like to be neighbor to the Aegean Sea in Gömeç, one of the paradise corners of Turkey?

The homeland of olives registered in Europe’s famous olive competitions, which add flavor to the north-eastern winds…

Gömeç, the base of honey production that even inspired its name…

 Unique Location Unique Life

Located with Burhaniye in the north and west, Edremit Bay in the northwest, Ayvalık in the south and İzmir’s Bergama district in the southeast, Gömeç is a rising center with its unique location, national parks, turquoise colored beaches and unique views of the islands.

These lands, where blue holds hands with green, offer a unique life.

History and Nature are Intertwined in These Lands

Gömeç, which hosts the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet for his teacher, also bears the title of being the first front of the 172nd Regiment Kuva-yi Milliye, under the command of Ayvalık District Governor Lieutenant Colonel Ali Çetinkaya in the War of Independence. Located only 40 kilometers from Kaz Mountains National Park, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year with its rich ecosystem, Gömeç is 23 kilometers from Balık Island in the Aegean Sea, and 10 minutes from Onurukkent Beach, Intaland Sevgi Köyü Beach, Pelitköy Beach and Badem Beach. is in the distance. Tiny House Life in Ayvalık GömeçWith Tiny House, the most useful and accessible example of horizontal architecture, we offer a convenient life in four seasons with sea views in Gömeç.Take your place in the world of Ayvalık Gömeç with tiny’s that offer living opportunities in four seasons with high quality building and insulation materials specific to the area where they are located. Tiny Houses, which open the doors to an alternative future with high-tech equipment that makes resource use efficient for a sustainable environment, are also the source of inspiration for the philosophy of “neither too little nor too much, in moderation”. 

All the advantages of Tiny House life are waiting for you in the Ayvalık Gömeç project with Tiny house zoning.