Owning a House is No Longer a Dream

As an EKMAS project, arsaVev Sapanca makes it possible to own a house, which is a dream in today’s conditions.

Drawing attention with its magnificent location, 3 minutes away from Sapanca Lake, the project ArsaVev Sapanca makes the customers who buy land with the privilege of title deed in exchange for flats become homeowners. Customers who buy land from arsaVev become homeowners with the assurance of EKMAS Yapı, which is frequently mentioned with its 35-year roots and has implemented successful projects.

In an interview with Emlak Haber, ArsaVev Chairman of the Board of Directors Bülent Öztürk conveyed their motivation for implementing the project with the following words “We have a problem.”

“We have a problem. That is, our people can own housing. Unfortunately, access to housing in Turkey has become quite difficult due to the housing stock deficit that has developed with the pandemic and the construction costs that are rising day by day. To find a solution to this problem, we are implementing a brand new project in Sapanca, which fascinates those who see it with its fascinating nature. With this project, you can say hello to a new life just 3 minutes away from Sapanca Lake, one of the most valuable locations in Turkey.”

The doors of a natural life on the edge of the city are opening in Sapanca

Located very close to Sapanca Lake, Maşukiye, Kartepe Ski Center and Ormanya, the project area is 1.5 hours from Istanbul and 2 hours from Bursa and Eskişehir. The project, which allows you to own a 1+1 flat with affordable down payment and installment payment that can be divided up to 12 months, is available in all ArsaVev offices.