Project That Leaves A Mark Saff KAZDAGLARI

This week’s guests of the program broadcast on Beyaz TV were Saff KAZDAĞLARI Architect Erhan Vural and arsaVev Chairman of the Board Bülent Öztürk. 

In the program, topics about the nature and philosophy of Saff KAZDAĞLARI, their parcels separated by the voronoi technique, their consultants, social facilities and living spaces, and the awards Saff KAZDAĞLARI received were included.

Stating that Saff is shaped by the logic of turning to nature and approaching nature, which has become an important trend all over the world and shapes our lives now, Bulent Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of arsaVev, said, “Pandemic and painful earthquakes bring people closer to the countryside and nature. We are very happy to be involved in and shaped such a project in Kaz Mountains, which is the most popular location of Turkey and implemented by EKMAS Investment.” Said.

Öztürk said, “We went back 20 years with satellite images. The project area was the same even 20 years ago. We did not cut even a tree in the region, we developed the architectural and social areas, and we made this our duty. We will completely reforest this area when the entire construction process is finished. We will plant saplings suitable for the soil structure of the region. After life begins, we will switch to zero carbon footprint policy. Necessary studies are being carried out by EKMAS Investment in this regard.” Said.

Saff KAZDAGLARI Architect Erhan Vural stated that his admiration for the region dates back to 20 years ago. Vural said, “As a person who has spent 20 days a year in Kaz Mountains for 15-20 years, I couldn’t believe it when I came across this project. As someone who has witnessed the philosophy, knowledge and nature of the place closely, it was a pleasure to take part in this project. When we sit down and talk with EKMAS Investment about this project, when they come to us with the brief, “We want to do a job that respects nature without touching any tree or living creature,” this is obviously a big dream as an architect.” Said.

Vural, who has important anecdotes about the architectural structure of Saff KAZDAĞLARI, said, “There is a courtyard culture in traditional architecture in Anatolia and the courtyard is called life. This is a living space. In Saff, we designed places where people will be the shores of social life, inspired by the nature of Kaz Mountains.” Said.

Referring to the effects of wood material on human health, Vural said, “Wood is a breathing material. If you learn to control this nature of it, you will observe its incredible effects on human health. As architects, we focused on reinforced concrete in contemporary architecture, but we forgot about wood, which is common in our traditional architecture. Now we see that wooden structures are mentioned both in our country and in Japan. If we examine in detail, we see that wood actually lasts much longer.” Said.

Expressing that the project will be delivered in June 2025, Öztürk stated that they are working with prominent consultants in Saff KAZDAĞLARI and negotiations are continuing for new agreements. Öztürk said, “We designed Glamping structures from the popular lifestyle. We work with earthquake expert and Civil Engineer Yoshinori Moriwaki. We work with Deniz Aslan and her team in the field of landscaping. Recycling artist Durul Bakan will produce works of art that will bring Saff to life.” Said.

Referring to more than 20 social areas of Saff KAZDAĞLARI, Öztürk said, “Here, we need to understand the philosophy rather than a commercial job. We set out with the motto of buy a neighbor, not a house. That’s why we sell to people who can understand Saff’s philosophy and apply it to their lives.” Said.