Saff KAZDAGLARI in Strogn Bosses

“We are Building a Life Integrated with Nature”

The Saff KAZDAĞLARI project, which was built by EKMAS Investment as a whole with nature on the top of the Kaz Mountains and attracts attention with its social areas where everyone from 7 to 70 can spend time with pleasure, received 9.80 points in the third round of the big competition, and it was the Luxury Natural Life Project of the Year. He got the award.

Barış Soydan, CEO of EKMAS Investments, who received the award on behalf of the company at the night, in his speech, said, “We have been engaged in the real estate business for more than 35 years. The world is in a transformation and change today. The era of copy-paste is over. Carbon footprint, sustainability are our main problems and we must do something about them. Exactly for this, we worked only on this project for 8.5 months. All the materials we use are recyclable and compatible with nature. We are moving forward with our world-famous designer and famous earthquake expert from Japan. We have developed this project by thinking about how to live by integrating with Kaz Mountains, not destroying it. We did not cut down a single tree. By saying before and after, we took 20 years of retrospective photographs of the region. In the later photos, there will be more trees. We develop the project by planting trees. We will go to nature to harmonize with it. We’re not going to make it up ourselves. I am receiving this award on behalf of our 256 employees and everyone who contributed.”