Saff KAZDAGLARI Village Products Center

Fresh, natural and organic products from the fertile lands of village life meet at Saff KAZDAĞLARI Village Products Center. This special center aims to bring you traditional handicraft products and natural agricultural products of our villages. It is an ideal shopping point for those who adopt the philosophy of healthy eating and being respectful to nature.

The Village Products Center, which is located in the social areas and landscaping created inspired by the nature of Kaz Mountains, is the meeting point of cultural symbols and natural flavors for the award-winning architects and academicians Deniz Aslan and the DS Architecture team and the residents of Saff KAZDAGLARI.

Village Products Center will carry the culture and unity of our villages located on the skirts of Kaz Mountains to Saff KAZDAĞLARI. In the center, there will be fruits and vegetables grown with natural farming methods, milk and dairy products, local mushrooms, medicinal honeys, genuine olive oils and many other fresh products.

Bringing the hardworking and entrepreneurial women of our villages and local producers together in one center, our area will feature hand-woven carpets, ceramics, beautiful wood-carved products, and many other works that come to life in the hands of craftsmen, which are the signs of our cultural values.

The Village Products Center, which will host a different story at each counter, will blend the spirit of Kaz Mountains with the philosophy of “Saff”.

In addition to the Village Products Center in Saff KAZDAĞLARI, more than 20 social areas have been designed for residents who want to gain unique experiences and gains. These social areas;

Hotel and Social Facility, Event Square, Village Market, Village Grocery, Cafes, Vegan Restaurants, Wine Tasting Centre, Parking Lot, Electric Vehicle Point, Bicycle Repair Point, Gathering Area, Children’s Playgrounds, Pet Social Area, Common Technical Areas and Service Units, Endemic Plants Center, Olive Workshop, Ancestral Seeds Warehouse, Orchard, Fruit Trees Garden, Rhythm and Music Workshop, Art Workshop, Yoga and Breathing Workshop, Forest Travel Center, Glamping Information Center, Outdoor Sports Fields.

Saff KAZDAGLARI offers the purest flavors and makes your purest experiences unforgettable.