My Favor Account is a social responsibility project under the umbrella of EKMAS Investment and was established to support the philanthropic activities of individuals and organizations. The aim of this initiative is to reach a wider audience and make philanthropic activities more effective.

My Favor Account Association set out with the mentality that just as everyone has a bank account, they should also have a favor account. With the İyilik Hesabım platform, which can be easily downloaded to phones and computers, donations can be made directly to many listed associations and foundations. Charitable people who use this platform also have the privilege of being rewarded by the brands that the association cooperates with. My Goodness Account Association also aims to reward people who do favors and encourage them to do favors.

The initiative aims to enable not only individuals but also organizations to support philanthropic activities. In this context, people who make donations using the İyilik Hesabım platform get the chance to receive discounts at certain rates from brands and companies contracted by the association.

In addition to contributing to philanthropic activities, İyilik Hesabım project also aims to establish connections with institutions and organizations operating in this field. In this way, individuals or institutions wishing to support philanthropic activities will be able to participate in activities by communicating with the institutions and organizations registered in the project.

One of the most important features of the Favor Account is that it has a completely transparent structure. All transactions and expenditures made within the scope of the initiative are presented in a way that can be followed by everyone. In this way, individuals or organizations that contribute to philanthropic activities can clearly see how their contributions are used.

In conclusion, My Favor Account Association is a transparent and effective social responsibility project that makes it easier for individuals and organizations to contribute to philanthropic activities. With this goodness initiative, it is aimed to carry out more philanthropic activities in the society, to encourage people to help each other and to initiate a mobilization of solidarity.