Special Night from Fenerbahçe: We Exist Together

Fenerbahçe Club’s special organization for sponsoring companies, We Are Together, took place on Monday, September 11, at Kuruçeşme Divan.

Important names from the industry’s leading companies attended the special night, led by Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç.

The main sponsors are Ülker, Otokoç, Beko, Opet, HDI Sigorta, Alagöz, Doğuş, Tüpraş, Petrol Ofisi, DS Energy, Göksal Paslanmaz, Aygaz, Pasha, and Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi Women’s Football Team’s shorts and sock sponsors arkaVev and others. Sponsors also presented it to the night.

Birth of a Legend

For Fenerbahçe, one of the badges of pride in Turkish sports, it is emphasized on their official website that it was founded by being inspired by the spirit of Kadıköy, which is defined as the Kadıköy side of Istanbul: the region where God treated the world with absolute privilege when creating the earth. As a matter of fact, environmental conditions play a big role in other outdoor sports, especially football, in Turkey.

When the calendar turns to 1899, it is seen that football-loving young people who came together under the name of Stockings FC continued their sports life as Fenerbahçe Football Club in 1907. Fenerbahçe Club, which reinforced national feelings with only 2 defeats in 41 matches in the competitions between Turkish teams and occupying groups during the occupation years of Istanbul, has pioneered many successes throughout its history.

“Sports and support for athletes are our priority”

Stating that they are proud to support the Women’s Football branch of the 116-year-old legendary club, arsaVev Chairman Bülent Öztürk underlined that in addition to supporting Fenerbahçe, also known as the team supported by Atatürk, our athletes who make Turkey’s name known in the international arena should always be supported.