Support for Sports from EKMAS Investment

EKMAS Investment and Etiler Sports Club came together with a sponsorship agreement. 

Continuing its investments in real estate, land project development, technology applications, tourism, marketing and social responsibility projects, EKMAS Investment continues its support.

EKMAS Investment, which became the sponsor by making an agreement with the Etiler Sports Club, took action to support and develop sports. Expressing that they have the same sensitivity towards sports as well as social responsibility projects in different fields, Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EKMAS Investment, stated that they are happy for the two names to come together. Ekmekçioğlu said, “As EKMAS Investment, we continue to support good projects and companies in every field. At the same time, we will continue our investments and support in sports, cultural events, art and social responsibility projects in order to make our country’s name known in the international community with sports and cultural activities.” Said.

Thanks for Support from Hızır Canbaz

Etiler Sports Club President Hızır Canbaz stated that this agreement will carry Etiler Spor to a better point and will support it to become a sports club that is frequently mentioned next season.