Support from ArsaVev to the Earthquake Region

In order to support our 10 cities that have been affected by severe earthquakes in recent months, we have prepared a flavor box for each of our customers who joined the ArsaVev family with the local flavors of the region.

We provided beet juice, walnut jam, peanut butter, hot pepper paste, isot, sumac and zahteri from local producers who continue to produce with their people even in the face of all kinds of destruction. We continue to provide a box of hope and flavor for each new customer in order to support the producers of the region at all times. 

Heartbreaking News from 10 Cities 

Turkey was shaken by the devastating news of the 7.7 earthquake in Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş and the 7.6 earthquake in Elbistan on February 6. Turkey stood united for the citizens living in the cities affected by the earthquakes and launched an unprecedented aid mobilization. Experts have stated that 33 thousand 77 earthquakes occurred in the region until May 7 and underlined that the effects of this painful event are still continuing in the region.

Öztürk, “We Must Continue to Be One Heart by Getting Stronger.”

Bülent Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ArsaVev, emphasized the continuous aid to re-develop the people of the region and said, “What happened is very sad, but we should continue to work for the people of the region by not normalizing the painful event and showing the necessary sensitivity at all times. While we are healing the wounds of the earthquake, we should work on effective management before and after the disaster.”

Öztürk stated that it is not fault lines that are fatal, but unhealthy structures and continued his words as follows. “Our country is located in an earthquake zone, we must first accept this situation and build structures accordingly. This is why we, at ArsaVev, care about and implement horizontal architecture. We are working to pave the way for this type of construction in Turkey and to make it widespread.”

A Box of Hope for Each New ArsaVev Family Member

“In order to increase the welfare of the people of the region, we will continue to provide products made with the ancient traditions of that geography for each of our customers who join our ArsaVev family,” Öztürk said.