The Giant of the Wood and Wicker World is at EKMAS Investment Campus

Continuing its broadcasting life at full speed, “İz Bırakanlar” was at EKMAS Investment campus this week. Himmet Erbay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Naswood, the giant of the wood and wicker world, and ArsaVev General Manager Cem Ergüven were the guests.

Naswood Chairman Himmet Erbay, who turned wood and wicker processing, which he saw as an ancestral profession, into a large company that made a global impact, shared important details about all the intricacies of wooden structures. He took us to the starting point of the adventure on his journey to produce structures with wooden and wicker main materials. Erbay, “My late father and grandfather were in the wicker business. Since we were in the lakes region, we would cut straw reeds and send them to Europe. I got into the industry at the age of 16. Wicker and wood are raw materials frequently preferred by well-to-do people in Germany and the Netherlands for their roofs. I started establishing my facilities at the age of 21 to contribute to the country’s economy and to restore the recognition of wooden structures in the world. Today, we serve as one of the best in the world with 3 factories, 6 brands and 200 employees.”

“Wood is a Way of Life”

Emphasizing that the most preferred buildings in Europe are made of wood and wicker, due to factors such as their breathable natural structure and earthquake resistance, Erbay expressed his great sadness that the wooden building culture inherited from our ancestors has been forgotten.

Erbay said that wooden structures, which have countless benefits for human health, are a way of escaping the prison feeling created by betorname and gave examples of important wooden works in our country.

“There are important works made with such beautiful raw materials that are world heritage. Konya Eşrefpaşa Mosque, which has been standing for 850 years, is a good example of wooden structure. The legs of the Basilica Cistern and Ortaköy Mosque in Istanbul are made of wood. If you integrate well and process the wood correctly, it is impossible for it to rot and burn. Currently, 32-storey buildings, offices and shopping malls are being built around the world.”

 “We are one of the rare companies in the world that both produces and applies”Stating that they have undertaken many prestigious projects, Erbay stated that they have built important works both in Turkey and in Europe, and among them is the Avcılar Marriage Office Marine Mansion, which is the largest wooden structure in Turkey.“We produced the Avcılar Marriage Office, Sea Mansions, Eskişehir Odunpazarı Museum, Ankara Altındağ Horse Manege, the 24-meter restaurant in Kadıköy Gazhane and all the walls of a school in Spain.”