The Most Pure Project of Kaz Mountains by Bülent Öztürk

Saff KAZDAGLARI is the most Saff project offered by EKMAS Investment, an expert in investment, to its distinguished new residents…

The unique project of Kaz Mountains, created using the “Voronoi Diagram”, which is the partitioning technique of nature.

Inspired by the culture, nature and unique history of the Ida Mountains, the project combines the rhythm of natural life with art.

The award-winning project Saff, which draws attention with its life-extending nature, social areas it offers and expert consultants in the field, talked about the Chairman of the Board of arsaVev Bülent Öztürk in the July issue of Gentlemen Magazine.

Gentleman: Mr. Bülent, let’s start by getting to know you first. How long have you been in this industry?

Bülent Öztürk: I am originally from Kayseri, I graduated from TED Kayseri College in 1996 and from Selçuk University Mechanical Engineering Department in 2000. I have never done engineering in my career. I worked as an agency and sales channel manager in an American insurance company for 16 years, and for 7 years I have been working on the sales of innovative land projects and sales and marketing networks for real estate. I am married and have 3 boys.

“ArsaVev is a sales, marketing and operation company specializing in quality land investment and people making their own homes on the land. Since 2016, we have been producing innovative projects in the land part of the real estate.”

G: What is ArsaVev‘s field of activity?

B.Ö: arsaVev is a sales, marketing and operation company that specializes in quality land investment and building people’s own houses on the land. Since 2016, we have been producing innovative projects in the land part of the real estate. Thanks to the sales-marketing organization we have established since we entered the sector, we have contacted more than 300 thousand people and made nearly 15 thousand people title holders from the people-oriented projects we have developed. As of 2022, EKMAS Yatırım A.Ş., a 35-year-old company, one of the most important groups in Turkey. We continue on our way by making an exclusive agreement with the company in order to develop land and house projects. The end-to-end management of processes such as productization of land and house projects, advertising, marketing, sales, after-sales services, title deed collection on the lands developed by EKMAS Yatırım A.Ş. is carried out by a large and professional staff. We have land projects in İzmir Dikili, Avşa Island, Ankara Beypazarı, Ayvacık Assos and Çanakkale Ezine, whose sales are still ongoing, as well as the Saff KAZDAGLARI project, which has Turkey’s most special natural life philosophy, in Çanakkale Bayramiç. We deliver these projects to our customers from 75 sales points in 22 provinces.

As of 2022, EKMAS Yatırım A.Ş., a 35-year-old company, is one of the most important groups in Turkey. We made an exclusive agreement with the company to develop land and house projects and we continue on our way.”

G: Saff KAZDAGLARI is a project that distinguishes itself with many features. Could you inform us about the details?

B.Ö: Inspired by the gently sloping soil structure to draw magical landscapes in Saff KAZDAGLARI. Nothing in nature is randomly divided, a unique project in which the nature-inspired Voronoi diagram technique was applied in the parcellation work of Saff KAZDAGLARI, The Voronoi diagram is an example of nature’s mathematics and is a geometric pattern used in many fields. It is similar to the geometric patterns observed in living things and objects in nature.

It is widely used in fields such as computer graphics, geography, physics, biology, and engineering. For example, it is used in computer graphics to create realistic surfaces, to determine close regions in geography, to analyze interactions between atoms in physics, in biology in areas such as cell arrangement and texture analysis, and in engineering for topics such as network design, optimization problems, and coverage problems. The social areas of Saff KAZDAGLARI were designed with inspiration from the historical and cultural structure of Kaz Mountains. The Village Products Center, where you can reach the natural products plucked from their branches at any time, the Endemic Plants Center unique to the region and only for these lands, the Endemic Herbs Tour and the Seed Warehouse have been added to the project. Mushroom Picking Trips where you can access Bear, Kanlıca and many other mushroom species, Vintage Tour where you can collect the last harvest with local residents, Eco Farms inspired by the natural life of Kaz Mountains and ecological restaurants where you can feel the taste of Kaz Mountains on your palate, olive oil food stop, nomadic market dishes, from the world. olive processing center, inherited from ancient civilizations, created a style by blending the spirit of Kaz Mountains with modern life philosophy. A rhythm and art workshop, a yoga and breathing workshop for physical and mental health, playgrounds for our children who will grow up in nature, and a pet social area for our pawed friends will be opened in order to combine the daily period of life and the fertile soil products gifted to humanity with art in the Kaz Mountains. In addition, squares for social and cultural events and a boutique hotel for visitors who want to benefit from all the privileges of Kaz Mountains New Life Village will be put into service in the project.

G: The project promises a privileged life with its architecture and the way the buildings are positioned. We would like you to tell us a little about your source of inspiration.

B.Ö: There is an architectural design in which the idea and belonging to the place precedes every ego. In fact, it is not quite right to call it architectural design. We can say that architecture is just an interface, a language of the designs we realize. The focus of this project is always the life that will be pursued within the project. Before the form and aesthetics of the shaped piece of nature, the spaced partitions, it was tried to communicate with the life. Because in the end, there will be “life” in the atmosphere that emerges as a result of all this design and effort. In the traditional residential architecture of Anatolia, we see that the courtyard is sometimes called “life”. All the spaces are lined up around this life. The real human relations and the feeling of togetherness, the notion of being a family are experienced in life, namely in the courtyard. As an architectural designer, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that every intervention you make in this self-concept means touching the lives of the people who will live there.

G: How soon will the project be completed? When will the first deliveries be made?

B.Ö: The construction activity of our project has already started and will be delivered in May 2025.

G: Are the price ranges clear?

B.Ö: The launch prices of Saff KAZDAGLARI, which is a prestige project for us, are quite accessible compared to similar projects. Our special launch prices for our brand to meet our customers are between 6 and 11 million TL.

G: Very special names and architects such as Yoshinori Moriwaki and Kengo Kuma are also involved in the project. We would like to talk a little bit about their contributions.

B.Ö: Earthquake expert, Master Architect and Civil Engineer, Yoshinori Moriwaki, is one of our invaluable experts who has made a reputation in the international community. Glamping designs architect Kengo Kuma is known for integrating traditional Japanese architecture into modern building aesthetics. Deniz Aslan, who was deemed worthy of many awards on Landscape Architecture, is among those who signed our project. Adopting a different approach with his recycling from nature to art, Durul Bakan is a successful sculptor who followed his dreams. There are unique traces of the Bakan in Saff KAZDAGLARI. Ayhan Sicimoğlu, as a traveler, musician and writer, was our art consultant. No detail was skipped in Saff KAZDAGLARI and it was really planned by the experts of the business.