The Museum Where Our Ageless Traditions Live on

The cradle of civilizations where life first sprouted millions of years ago… Anatolia.

Anatolian lands, which hosted Çatalhöyük, Çayönü, Nevali Çori, Hacılar, Göbekli Tepe, Yumuktepe and Troy in the Neolithic Age, were the lands of Sumer, Assyria, Hittite, Greek, Lydian, Celtic, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Safavid, Mongolian and Ottoman. It also welcomed other states. The spirit of this geography, which has shaped ages, architecture, culture and life with dozens of civilizations, hundreds of languages ​​and dialects, is still kept alive in the Anatolian Open Air Museum in Ankara’s Beypazarı district.

The Anatolian Open Air Museum, which was established to show Anatolian culture and tradition to all children, especially adults who want to know their past and ancestors, includes private and public spaces selected from architectural examples from the 17th to the 20th centuries from different geographical regions of Turkey. You wonder what life would have been like in a unique house in Ankara, unaware that it would still be a capital city in the 1600s, when the Ottoman Empire ruled in all its glory. Who knows what happened between the stone walls built on wooden frames, unique to the warm Mediterranean region? Well, did you know that the harmony of wood with clay and lime paste has ever been so epic?The Living Museum, which includes cultural heritage structures known as Ankara House, Düğmeli House and Gözdolma House in Anatolian traditions, and a bazaar where traditional professions are performed and exhibited among the structures that make up Little Anatolia, offers a magical atmosphere that takes you to the past.

Preparation for Winter in Anatolia, Ankara House, Copper Workshop, Laundry, Button House, Sourdough, Bread Workshop, Gozdolma House, Adobe Workshop, Adobe House, A Day in the Village, Masjid, Molasses, Serender, Living Village Kitchen and Writing Workshop just like our ancestors. Get ready to make a day of it!