This Week’s Guest of the Real Estate Report is Bülent Öztürk

arsaVev Chairman of the Board of Directors Bülent Öztürk was the guest of the Real Estate Report program on A para channel. Sharing his analysis of changing real estate trends and investor profiles in an inflationary environment, Öztürk answered questions about land investments.

 Rising Investment Tool After Pandemics and Earthquakes: Land

ArsaVev Chairman Öztürk said that we are experiencing a collective change after the Covid-19 pandemic and stated that earthquake disasters also played an important role in this change. Öztürk, “Land demands have started to develop with serious changes in the investor profile since the pandemic in 2020. “The pandemic was a big factor, but the demand for land increased day by day with the impact of Elazığ, Izmir and especially the February 6 earthquakes.” said.

2 out of 3 Real Estate Sold are Land

Increases in foreign exchange rates greatly affected input costs in the construction industry. Contractors and economic conditions that cannot meet Turkey’s increasing housing needs have led to a period in which access to housing becomes more and more a dream. Expressing that land is the most important item affecting the housing price, Öztürk stated that the land serves as a bridge for investors to access housing. Öztürk, “Land sales exceeded 1 million units. Until the first 6 months, one in two real estate was non-residential real estate, that is, land. However, with today’s data, this situation has increased to two thirds. The land has never caused any loss to its investors throughout its history. Our country’s population growth rate is very high. Of course, an important factor in this situation is that it is a product that cannot be replaced. Land investment has always been a safe haven and a bridge to the transition to housing.” said.

Let Your Land Turn into a Home!EKMAS Investment, which develops land projects in various locations in Turkey with 35 years of experience, arsaVev sells and markets its products, and accompanies investors on their journey to own a house from land. Öztürk, “We walk with people on their housing journey by providing suitable conditions for land purchases. Our people are currently afraid of earthquakes, so they are sensitive about short floors. Our projects can meet this. “We also organize the number of installments of investors according to their demands.” said. You Can Own a House with the Flat in Exchange Method“We also make people own houses through land-to-floor exchange methods. We have projects in Sapanca and Dikili and we have received very serious feedback. People can own a house only by paying for land.” “We Have Projects to Suit the Desires of Every Investor”Those who avoid the severe conditions of a possible pandemic, those who want to feel prepared for an earthquake, and those who dream of a life in nature outside the city…Öztürk shared questions about investor profiles and locations in demand within this framework. “People escaping the pandemic prefer the northern Aegean and Çanakkale. The investor, who wants it to serve as a bridge at the access point to the house, wants to own land on the outskirts of the big city. Dikili and Menderes regions in Izmir, Beypazarı and Ayaş in Ankara, and Lüleburgaz, Silivri, Yalova and Tekirdağ in Istanbul are the most preferred regions. Those who are earthquake sensitive are mainly turning to land in the western regions of Central Anatolia.” Emphasizing that it is almost impossible to find land in the central districts of Istanbul, Öztürk added that we should prefer developing regions when purchasing land and that these regions offer opportunities. Öztürk, “There is land in Istanbul, but it is not possible to access it. Locations located at the end of the city are always preferred instead of plots with very high prices. “Chile, Silivri, Zekeriyaköy and the Albanian region, which are places with development potential in Istanbul, still have opportunities.” said. Installment Opportunities Up to 48 MonthsStating that they work with a professional team of 1000 people, including valuable business partners, as well as the arsaVev team of 250 people, arsaVev YKB Bülent Öztürk stated that they strive to make home ownership for their investors more than a dream, but a reality, with the principle of “We Have a Problem”. In this context, “Although it is a very challenging situation in an inflationary environment, we are trying to help our citizens with installments of up to 24 months, 36 months and even 48 months.” said Land is a Technical JobUnderlining that the land is a technical job, Öztürk said that they submitted their suggestions to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to create an imprint for each land currently on sale. Öztürk also made the following suggestions regarding the issues to be considered when purchasing land. “Land investment is a very technical business and not everyone is familiar with it. At this point, confirmation is required, especially from the municipalities and the Special Provincial Administration. Land is a general definition, but land and field have different characteristics. These are places where construction permission has been given on land and are fixed by the zoning law determined by the state. Fields are only suitable for agriculture. It is sold because there will be development for the fields. This situation is very risky and involves deception. When the land is purchased, it is necessary to carry out the work we call 18 application. In addition, they must confirm the answers to questions such as where the electricity should pass, where the sidewalk should be, and so on, from government institutions.They need to make sure that the land offered to them is the same as the land stated in the title deed. They can easily confirm this in the parcel inquiry. At the end of the day, they should also get legal answers to questions such as whether there is an annotation or enforcement on the land. “