Title Owner and Happy Customers

Continuing its investments with the concept of branded land, EKMAS Investment continues to deliver the title deed immediately on the projected lands whose marketing is undertaken by arsaVev.

Continuing its projects in Assos, Avşa, Kaz Mountains, Dikili and Ankara, which are among the favorite locations of Turkey, EKMAS Investment continues to develop land projects with budget-friendly concept plots.

Living in the Kaz Mountains with the highest amount of oxygen in Europe, experiencing all the beauties of island life, establishing a life with your loved ones in the historical texture of the capital… Witnessing the remains of ancient civilizations in the Ancient Troad region of Çanakkale…

Would you like to have land and house in private areas rich in nature and culture?

It is very easy to own a zoned land that has been designed for you with the assurance of EKMAS Investment, enriched with social areas.

On this road that we set out with the principle of “Happy customers, happy tomorrows”, after you like your land, you immediately get your title deed and embark on a life journey that will be shaped by the concept of a house or a tiny house.