Visitor Flock To The Kaz Mountains

Kaz Mountains is one of the important locations visited by local and foreign travelers with its natural beauties, villages with magnificent architecture, clean air and rich historical past. The famous symbol of the Kaz Mountains, the “Glass Observation Terrace”, which also hosts the project Saff KAZDAGLARI, which draws attention with its important consultants and philosophy, was flooded with visitors this year.

Glass Observation Terrace built on the slope of Şahindere Canyon, one of the famous symbols of Kaz Mountains, is one of the most important stops for travelers and nature lovers.

Enjoying the magnificent view of Kaz Mountains and Edremit Bay from Şahindere canyon, visitors feel adrenaline at peaks thanks to the Glass Observation Terrace made of steel and glass. The terrace, which draws attention with activities such as camping activities and nature photography as it is close to Mount Ida National Park, is the most beautiful spot where you can watch the dance of blue and green.

Glass Observation Terrace, which was built by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality on Şahindere Canyon at an altitude of 836, started to be built in 2019. After 2 years of construction, you can visit the terrace, which is highly appreciated with its wonderful view and the activities it offers to tourists, for 12 months.