We Want to Be Half Urban and Half Rural

This week’s guests of the İz Bırakanlar, which hosts valuable names every week, were Bülent Öztürk, Emel Yıldırım and Ece Demiralp.

 Touching on the cooperative practices in real estate and the issues to be considered in the land purchasing process, Öztürk also included important information about the most preferred areas for land.

Attention to the cooperative

Stating that cooperatives that act in accordance with their purpose are not a danger, ArsaVev Chairman of the Board of Directors Bülent Öztürk emphasized the importance of people coming together for common purposes with a collective power in the eyes of the law and in taking action. Öztürk said that agricultural lands are an indivisible piece of land and continued his words as follows.

“Agricultural lands are being fragmented under the name of cooperatives. Agricultural lands cannot be fragmented within the framework of the Soil Protection Issue. However, agricultural lands in our country are so fragmented that their suitability for agriculture is unfortunately lost. No building can be built on any piece of land without a building permit. Provincial Directorates of Agriculture or the ministry allow cooperatives to do agriculture in this region, but some disruptive cooperatives turn these regions into tiny house sites.

What the cooperative serves is very important. “It is very nice for members to come together for the purpose of agriculture or building and to make them active, but there is no place in the law for them to come together for agriculture and try to build buildings.”

“We Wanted to Be Half Urban and Half Rural after the Pandemic”

Öztürk said that the great pandemic that occurred after the Covid-19 epidemic that entered our lives in 2020 reinvigorated people’s desire to live in nature, and said that the concept of half-urban, half-rural was born.“The pandemic has shaken up certain emotions in all of us. While it used to be very popular to live in 30-40-storey glass buildings, now living in a 30-year-old village house has become much more popular than living in that plaza. When remote working options were added to this process, a wave of migration suddenly occurred. People who migrated to rural areas could not adapt to some cultural and socialization practices after living there for a certain period of time. For this reason, we also witnessed reverse migration in this process. Because peasant life is not as easy as it seems. For this reason, people want to spend 2-3 months a year in the village life they dream of, at the same time socializing and experiencing the life of the region.In fact, when we look at it, this is the main reason for the migration to Marmara and its surroundings, excluding Istanbul. As people get really stressed rather than permanently stressed orThey want a village life where they can escape when they get tired.” 

New Motto: Experience

“As ArsaVev, it is worth noting that there are common areas where people can live the urban life, of course, where they can socialize, and where they can make olive oil with the olives they collect from their own gardens, where their children can be involved with the soil in agricultural experience workshops, where they can stay in a tent camp as a family and live comfortably while having these experiences. We offer opportunities for people to enjoy village life in their homes.” Stating that those who want to invest in land prefer locations that are advantageous in terms of transportation, such as Marmara and its surroundings, the Aegean coast and Çanakkale, Öztürk said that in addition to the Kuşadası, Ezine, Dikili, Avşa, Assos projects, there is also high demand for the Land Ankara project located in the Capital.

Step by Step Guide to Buying Land

Öztürk underlined the need to know the basic concepts in investing in land and drew attention to the differences between land and field and to follow the zoning development of the region. Emphasizing that infrastructure and road works are carried out by the relevant administrative authorities, but the region goes through certain processes for such construction, sometimes these times take decades, Öztürk also stated that the help of professionals should be sought.“There is an increasing demand for land investment, but unfortunately this situation also brings abuses. That’s why you have to be really careful. Land is an investment that requires technical knowledge. First of all, we need to know the difference between field and land.The field is designated by our state to carry out agricultural activities.are lands. Lands are lands that have construction permits and are categorized among themselves as tourism zoned, industrial zoned and residential zoned. Buyers should definitely look at the infrastructure and road works plans and pay attention to the fact that these works have been completed at least in the immediate vicinity of the areas they will purchase.Financing infrastructure is a serious process. We bring the infrastructure to our lands.It is important to include activities where people can socialize. Because they actually want to be part of an experience. People want to come with their loved ones and engage in activities that reflect the spirit of the region as well as village life.” Öztürk said that the lands sold should be confirmed with the parcel inquiry number through TKGM, and recommended that people who will make purchases should not immediately send a deposit via a phone call to a site or application they do not know.