Yesilyurt, the Fairytale Village of Kaz Mountains

With the geraniums adorning the facades of the stone houses, the healing breezes coming from the Kaz Mountains, the fresh waters coming from the mountain tops, and the taste of the soil in its organic products, Yeşilyurt Village reminds those who hear it of legends and fascinates those who visit it.

A Green Dormitory

Yeşilyurt Village in Ayvacık district is known as Çekme Village according to 1946 Turkish sources, and as Büyük Çepni according to 1905 Greek sources.

This fairy-tale village, developed in terms of sea and mountain tourism, is located at the foot of the Kaz Mountains, only 3 km away from the sea. Yeşilyurt village, which is seen as the sanctuary of respiratory and heart patients such as asthma in the healing air of the Kaz Mountains, has been the homeland of many nations throughout its history.

The village, where the Greeks, Greeks and Ottomans lived in peace and left us a legacy of important works that have survived to the present day, has become a frequent destination for local and foreign tourists. It impresses with its historical texture as well as its interesting architecture and mosque, which resembles a church, worked by Greek masters.

Yesilyurt, known as the homeland of the Greeks until the population exchange, changed hands when the Yoruks settled in the village. The Yoruk people, who protect the architectural and historical texture inherited from the Greeks with great devotion, continue their lives in a piece of heaven, also known as the “oxygen tent”.

Herbal Flavors

When we arrive at the long-awaited land, we want to shake off our tiredness and enjoy the flavors bestowed by mother earth, accompanied by pleasant conversations with friends. At the local delicacies stop where each region leaves a different taste on the palate, Yeşilyurt Village offers delicacies different from the others. The local people, who even use various herbs sprouting at the foot of the Kaz Mountains in their ice creams, have inspired the world of gastronomy. The people of Yeşilyurt, who use herbs as the main ingredient in their soups, pastries and desserts, leave unforgettable tastes in the memories of their visitors.